RHoATL, Season 2 Finale: Wrap it up, B


But that choker's not cute.

We’re back and it’s over! I missed blogging last week’s episode but when I got around to watching it, it wasn’t THAT exciting to write about anyway. On to the finale…

What are Dwight’s qualifications as the director of a fashion show? He’s telling Sheree to trust him but um, what references is he rolling with? Sheree is the WORST when it comes to hiring help. She can’t hire models, party planners, seamstresses, nobody. For someone who had such a dreadful show last time, you’d think she would be on top of this. How the hell does Sheree have one vision (simple, understated) and she hired Dwight who is thinking “it’s better to oversell than undersell”????? More fur! More accessories! Mmkay.

The Hartwells are getting real and I appreciate that. Ed is truly being responsible saying let’s downsize this crib that costs $200,000 a year and move into our other crib that’s 9 acres. Still a great place to live, I’m sure, but a downgrade from where they are now. Lisa needs to get it together. I know she’s got a lot of things going on, but I’m not so sure she’s bringing in the kind of cheese that’s necessary for the upkeep of the home and everything else the family is spending money on. She wants to be wealthy, but um, it’s not like they’re moving to the poor house! Ed was TOTALLY on point when he said his home was in his family, not in the house. And no Lisa, you can’t build a guest house. You cannot build a gym. You cannot have a circular driveway. By the time you renovate the property with all those extras, it’ll cost damn near the same or more than the home you’re leaving!

The men are dropping gems of wisdom this episode. Greg had a point as well with trying to take this relationship between Nene and her alleged father slowly without jumping into anything. Nene isn’t a celebrity per se, but she is in the public eye and her family is doing rather well. It’s not crazy to think that someone would be popping out of the woodwork to take advantage of her. Even if the guy really is her biological father, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t screw her over and hurt her feelings. What I can’t cosign, Greg, is straight up saying you won’t support her. Saying let’s be cautious is one thing, but saying forget about it is out of the question.

Why does Kandi talk in the same voice most folks use when they’re impersonating someone who just said something stupid? This ep had Kandi’s mom making peace with AJ, at least enough so that they can be cordial to one another. I’ve never been an AJ fan, but it’s good they got things straight before he died. I bet that might have made her feel bad otherwise.

Oh Kimberly. Please stop telling people you are engaged. You are not engaged. You are also not about to be a star from Tardy for the Party. It’s a joke, a fad, a by-product of reality TV and studio engineering. Did it ever occur to you that Nene was pissed because you tried to break fly and get brand new after being engineered to high hell over a mediocre pop track? No… you think she’s dying to latch on to your success and the millions that one single will bring in. Riiiiight.

But did that have to end up in a physical confrontation between Nene and Kim? The most tragic part of it all is that Bravo didn’t get the footage or if they did, they won’t show us. Hmm, maybe they’ll save it for the reunion. I’m starting to think shit didn’t really go down the way they said because who, in their right mind, chokes or gets choked then stops by for a chat about it? FOR WHAT? Of course nothing got settled and they just screamed at each other (another no no, btw. you don’t let anyone scream on you in your own crib). After not doing anything while Nene allegedly choked her, Kim waits til Nene’s not around to talk about how she’d whoop her ass. Oh please. Stop. I can’t take it. I kind of want to punch Kim in the face on sight and she hasn’t done anything to me except exist and chain smoke.

Oh, and it turned out that Dwight really DID put on a good show. Really, is there going to be a show with just the gay pals from this show? Derrick, Lawrence, Dwight, the dude they met at the hotel and Lisa’s stylist.

Can’t wait for the reunion. Thanks for reading my

Quotes of the episode: “I don’t know, this bitch is stupid.” – Nene on Kim.
“I would rather pluck every toe nail one by one off my toe and stuff ’em in some sandals walking down the street bloody than to be friends with Kim” (paraphrased from Nene)

“She thinks I owe her an apology. Good think she don’t get paid for thinking.” Kandi on Nene


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3 responses to “RHoATL, Season 2 Finale: Wrap it up, B

  1. I would just like to let you know this blog was on point! I really enjoy the read. This is my first time reading your blog and I will continue!

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Lisa when she kept pointing out ways to renovate the 9 acre house. “I thought ya’ll was tryna SAVE money, honey!” lol

    A lol of people were trying to Say Nene was trippin over that song. That woman didnt care about the song. She was hurt that her friend is a lying back stabbing ho. Kim is so damn fake..ugh.

    My favorite quote from that episode: “You and yo wig..get outta mah life!” – Nene

  3. Esq.

    I think I busted my spleen laughing at “Why does Kandi talk in the same voice most folks use when they’re impersonating someone who just said something stupid?” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Funniest thing I’ve read in weeks… literally.

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