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hot pepper, baby pops & the running man

You might know those terms in the title to refer to double-dutch moves, especially if you’re from New York ( and only if you’re real!). I wonder what kinds of tricks they pulled in the ropes in Chicago back in the day? Let’s ask Michelle Obama, shall we?

I find this terribly awesome and so very very Black. Pay no mind to what you see in those double-dutch competitions full of skinny lil boys and red-haired girls in French braids with matching t-shirts who call it ‘skipping rope’. I love D-D and it has always been a very Black, urban, around the way experience for me. I still remember the day I learned how to jump and the songs/chants we used to sing. I’m the chick who carried a rope in the trunk of her car up until last year just in case somebody wanted to get a quick jump in.

So yeah, I’m enjoying this way more than I think I should.


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Miss Piggy

this is the kind of random stuff you’ll get messing with me but seeing Kermit the Frog show up to the MTV Video Music Awards with Lady Gaga made me wonder, “Where’s Miss Piggy?” Miss Piggy really should make more appearances. Out of all the muppets she had mad pizazz and a pretty fly fashion sense that would stomp out any pig (I see you Babe, I see you Wilbur) and half the hussies walking around the streets right now! Homegirl had attitude AND she was a martial arts master! Or maybe just really good at saying “HI-YAHH!” Whatever. Swinetastic is all she is. My only issue with Piggy was how clingy she got when it came to Kermy. She was constantly throwing her bodacious bacon at his skinny frog legs and he was always giving her the heisman! Reminds me of Carrie (SATC) or Joan (Girlfriends)… fabulous, successful women who feel incomplete without a man. Le Sigh. I still got love for Piggy. She’s truly a bourgie boar broad.

Anyway, Kermit kind of played himself rolling with Gaga after she basically wore a coat of his carcasses out and about. WTF Kermy?


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Friday Fun

One of my commenters brought this flick to my attention a while ago. After another friend reminded me of it and the sheer ridiculosity of it all, I remembered that I hadn’t put it on the blog. So on your Black Friday, I bring you Will Hatcher’s “Yung Dick”


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Obligatory ANTM Post

I am sorry. I didn’t really want to make an America’s Next Top Model post. Buttttttt I was watching the 2-hour season premier of Cycle 11 and I couldn’t keep some thoughts to myself. What can I say, I’m a junkie for ANTM. I haven’t missed a episode in FOREVER (thanks to DVR)! Instead of give a whole recap of the ep, I’ll just give some commentary about each chick this Cycle:


At first, Sheena annoyed me. I thought she would be exploiting that Asian Girl Acting Black Up In Harlem role. As the ep went on, I started to like her more. She’s fun and confident. She also seems to be helping the other girls and supporting them in being confident. If anything, Tyra’nem will be exploiting her. Mr. Jay already called her “Hooch” in a photo shoot.


Okay, Sharaun (first name Brittany, but there are two other Brittanys in the competition) is pretty annoying. I didn’t think she should have made it into the house over Kacey (who was sure to bring drama and good TV). I’m not impressed yet.


Nikeysha was cool in the beginning but she wilted by the end of the first ep. Representing the Bronx, she’s still somehow raising the roof. That’s hot in the BX, still?


Honestly, I find Samantha to be boring. I don’t remember much about her.

Marjorie is from France. She moved to the US when she was like 7 and was home-schooled. She’s more socially awkward than homegirl from last season with Asperger’s. She’s terribly lacking in self-confidence and giggles nervously after every sentence. So cute, though. I hope she gets it together. I hope TYRA and the producers get it togther and QUIT playing that cheesy French music everytime Marj pops on screen.



Joslyn claims that she tried out for ANTM 30 times. She’s the oldest (I think) at 23. ANCIENT!!! LoL. This picture is actually really nice because when she first popped on screen she looked more like 27 and had a ponytail piece badly cocked on the top of her head. She’s sweet though, and country as all get out. Me likey and the judges do too.


Mckey is the second Brittany. She spars with her MMA fighter boyfriend and (wo)mans his corner during cage matches. She’s cute, cuter whenever they get rid of that red mop on her head. I like her. She reminds me of the wrestler chick from a couple seasons ago, minus the weird skin and lesbian-ism.


Lauren… another forgettable face. Well, the judges raved about her blue eyes. Eh.


Isis. Ah, Isis. The ratings draw. Best year ever goes to Transsexuals/Transgendered folks. I have no issue whatsoever with Isis. I think she’s “fierce” and clearly knows her stuff. She was handpickedafter standing out in the background as an extra in a photo shoot from last season. So what she tucks and tapes? The others are hating because they’re scared they’re going to get eliminated before a biological male. Where’s Maino? Hi Hater! Nah, but I like Isis because she’s open about who she is, she’s not on the show to promote some greater agenda and she’s just nice.


Elina, on the other hand, makes no apologies for having an agenda. I’m just not sure what it is yet. She’s vegan. She’s an animal activist. She’s transcendant-sexual (I just made that up to refer to folks who say things like “I love all people. I’m a very sexual person. I don’t see man or woman, just a human to love”). She doesn’t wear dresses. She only wears black. She has a crush on another girl in the house and said it’s her favorite thing to change straight girls over to her side. She’s kind of hot and scary in an Interview With A Vampire kind of way.


Hannah. Sheesh. If she tells us one more time that she’s from Alaska, I’m going to die. This should be a new drinking game: Everytime you hear her say that, TAKE A SHOT! You’ll be wasted 30 minutes in. She talks about living in the Alaskan wilderness which, while fine and true, I find truly annoying. People have this idea of Alaska as some barren, foreign land. Sure, there’s a lot of wilderness there and rural areas. Still, Alaska is a popular vacation spot with cities and “normal” American people (no Palin joke here, although I take notice that one could be made). She’s the archetypical small town girl that reality TV loves so much. Kill me.


When Brittany (the third!) says she has Indian in her fam-lay, she’s not lying. African American and Native American, this chick is riding for Nevada. She’s a cutie and has the benefit of appearing to be several races… definitely an asset in modeling.


Annaleigh looks like this one actress whose name I cannot remember for the life of me. Ugh. Tyra says she walks with the “wind in her hair.” Ok, I can get with that. She’s kind of a follower, in my opinion but that remains to be seen.


Finally we have Clark, no “e”. She’s the house bitch, if you will. Overconfident. Mean. Hater. She’ll get cut down soon enough, trust.

And there you have it. ANTM Cycle 11. Expect more cliches and silly premised photo shoots. Expect a “you’re a racist!” accusation, more issues with Isis and a breakdown or seven. I love it.



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real quick: Palin

Briefly: I really hope that America is not fooled by this Palin for VP mess. I REALLY hope that those sensitive to feminist issues and women’s concerns are not fooled by this. I REALLY REALLY hope that those who were supporters of Hillary Clinton are not fooled by this.

Sarah Palin may be a woman (can we get verification on this?), but she is all Republican. She is not in favor of the policies that women like myself believe are important. She doesn’t even think you should be able to have an abortion if you were raped! Not even if your daddy did it! She totally thinks that Daddy/Grandads are good American/Christian values.

What a crock of shit. What a silly decision. Whatever you think of Biden, you gotta admit he’d be a decent candidate second to Barack Obama. Hell, at least Joe Biden has championed legislation favoring women such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). I admit that I don’t know much about this Palin lady (doesn’t that say something?) but I don’t think she’s “experienced.” Familiar accusation isn’t it? They said the same thing about Barack Obama, but I guess inexperience is okay for the Vice President. A VP who could very likely become President if old man McCain kicks the bucket.

How long are American men living nowadays?


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Damn, Kevin

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dap to Megan for basically revealing Kevin to be an idiot and new CEO of Epic Fail Industries, while not doing it in an assholey way. Kudos.

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This track is nasty like pornography…

This song still cranks, in my opinion. Don’t let it come on in the car!

[Dailymotion id=x1ls7f]

Nah, wait. Don’t let THIS jam come on in the car! I LOVE this track…

I miss these three sisters from Vegas. 702 had a great sound for the 90s. They were great when partnered with Missy as evidenced by Steelo and by Missy’s Beep Me 911, like one of her best songs ever. Magoo only added to the mix. Hot video too.

*sigh* I miss fat Missy. :(

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No, not THAT one, THIS one by Salt-N-Pepa is the GOAT independent anthem.The white garter spandex shorts type deal is reason enough to love this clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Video: salt n pepa – independent“, posted with vodpod

How independent are they?

  • Well there are women dancing in football uniforms,
  • Pep coming home from work in a suit and smoking on a cigar,
  • Salt polishing a gun in fatigues, Spin playing video games instead of getting freaky with her man,
  • Salt dates a couple of men in one night, taking the jewelry they offer.

I get it, but I don’t think that being an “independent woman” means acting like a man, ya know?

This was also around the time when Pepa was a lil’ bit on the chubby side. If you notice, she kept it covered pretty well during the late 80s/early 90s phase. It was Salt and Spin shaking it in spandex and cut off shirts while Pep languished in blousy fabrics. This was pre-“Shoop” and Treach, when she was cut and definitely built like a Megastructure.

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“I’m crooked like the ‘I’ on the toxic malt liquor…”

Crooked I

Peace to Thembi for reminding me about these St. Ides Commercials.

I remember when St. Ides first came out. I was a young girl growing up too fast in NY. St. Ides seemed like that hotness because all the rappers were talking about it. It was like a jazzier forty-ounce for young folks. Those “Special Brews” seemed especially inviting because of the different flavors. Basically, I’ve had a couple. That was oh so many years ago. I hate malt liquor now. Mostly I’m just principally set against it because of the type of advertising that accompanies the beverages. It’s so lopsidedly targeted to people of color and contains a ridiculously high amount of alcohol (8.0-8.2% alcohol by volume,) for the price (around $2). It’s the dollar menu of beer liquor. Ew.

Anywhoo, let’s reflect on some “Crooked I” advertising. Continue reading


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“You can’t escape the lure of social networking”

Nearly 5:30 min., but worth checking:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LOL @ the Facebook with a scarf around his neck and an iPhone. SO BOURGIE!

HAHAH @ the Three Founding Principles of MySpace!


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