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PSAs to grow on

Sometimes I think kids must be dumb as rocks or the folks who put together public service announcements thought we were. After having a good laugh at Topless Robot’s The 20 Best Public Service Announcements of the Last 30 Years, I couldn’t help but think of how ridiculous those things seem! Were they that bad when we were young? Do young people not possess the ability to notice ridiculous crap? Did we miss most of these PSAs because we were busy fighting our siblings for the remote? There must be some reason these things got on the air. They don’t just put stuff on television all willy nilly without some thought or research (although the travesty that is VH1’s Daisy of Love might beg to differ).

Maybe I’m just no longer in the demographic and it’s easy to look back on these things and clown. Who knows, as a latchkey kid home alone with the television to raise me a lot of the time, I probably internalized some of the positive messages from PSAs. Except the drug ones, I knew they were bogus. I believed that drugs were bad but I couldn’t BELIEVE the PSAs. I knew real drug dealers, thank you very much, and they didn’t walk up to you at your locker with three rolled joints in their fists. Nope. Thank goodness for DVR and no longer having to sit through those things anymore! Check out the link above for the full list. I’ll only pick out a few faves to share after the jump.

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I’ve told folks before that I was on a game show, Greed, which came on Fox back in 2000. I was on the “College Rivalry” series of episodes. Altough I didn’t win anything, I had a great time. It was fun going through the process to get cast on the show. As a college freshman, it was cool to get flown out to Cali, get paid a per diem, be on national television, and meet other college students from around the country. I’m still salty about the loss and even more salty about the reruns on the Game Show Network (I looked so jacked!). Anyway, people always ask about the questions we were asked. Well, here’s how it went down:

ACC Team:  $2,000,000 Jackpot Contestants:
Katherine Thompson – University of Virginia
Tim Whitwer – North Carolina State University
Nakia – University of North Carolina
Adrian McDaniel – Wake Forest University
Ken Shopfer – Duke University
Kelly Trikini – Georgia Tech University

Qualifying Question: What percent of Americans believe that God performs miracles, according to a Newsweek poll?  Answer: 84.

Tim 66 3rd
Nakia 85 1st **CAPTAIN**
Adrian 80 2nd
Ken 45 4th (on time)
Kelly 45 5th (on time)

Kelly is breaking a record by appearing on Greed…she hasn’t missed a class…until now!

For $25,000 – Which is found on both a violin and an exotic dancer?
Is it…A-, C-, D-, or G- strings?
Kelly says she doesn’t know much about either, but says she knows it’s G-strings, Nakia accepts it, saying one of her friends wants to be an exotic dancer, and they’re right for $25,000!

Ken is a Cameron Crazy!  That means he gets into the Cameron Indoor Stadium for games – not an easy thing to do.

For $50,000 – Which does NOT appear in the title of the 1999 South Park Movie?
Is it…Longer, Grosser, Bigger, or Uncut?
Ken loves the movie, and says Grosser, Nakia accepts it, and they’re right for $50,000!

Tim lost his shorts in a rugby game.  (Ouch.)

For $75,000 – Which is greatest in number?
Is it…Wonders of the World, Leo DiCaprio’s age, Donuts in a baker’s dozen, Consonants in the English alphabet, or Minimum age to see an R-rated movie?
Tim really doesn’t know, but guesses Consonants in the English alphabet, Nakia accepts it, but says she doesn’t want to, and…she shouldn’t have.  They’re WRONG.

Here’s a peek at the actual show except I’m not on this clip, I watched this group from backstage

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Throwback tune

Yesterday, I was at a Memorial Day BBQ with my girls from way back. After stuffing ourselves, playing some Taboo and several drinks, we sat back and listened to some 90s music. In honor of all the fun I had yesterday and reminiscing about the grown-ass songs we had no business singing as teens, here’s an oldie but goodie.


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Let’s Dance

Somebody back in the States made reference to the Stanky Leg in conversation the other day and then quickly followed up with, “Oh, you probaly don’t know what I’m talking about since you been outta the country.” Well first of all, there’s this thing called the internet. I’m so plugged in how could I NOT know about that song/dance? Secondly, Japanese people know ALL of the dances. ALL of them. I was so shocked. Not shocked that they can dance or that they like hip-hop music… everyone knows that. I just didn’t expect them to be so up on all of the southern-type dances. I’ve learned some things out here, let me tell you.

It got me to thinking though, about how much junk people talk about the dances that are out today. Stanky leg, Halle Berry, Jockin’, leanin’ and rockin’, booty do, Rick James, etc.  Folks say they’re ignorant and stupid. They embarrass Black people. The youth have lost their mind. It’s a minstrel show. Cooning. The South is killing hip-hop.

Negro, please. Memory lane must be a really short street. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. I was one of those kids who was into dance. In fact, I once believed I would grow up to become a professional dancer/choreographer. I would watch the Flyy girls on In Living Color then go to my friend’s cri and recreate the moves. I had a dance group in middle and high school and we’d perform during halftime at summer league basketball games or open up for acts blowing through town. What I remember from the early days of all that dancing is that people really DANCED. The moves back then were just as animated, if not more so, than what kids are doing today.

Remember seeing Kid N Play get down? Big Lez? Heavy D and the Boys? Diddy when he was Puffy the backup dancer? The Flyy Girls? The people who got on stage at the end of Def Comedy Jam? Remember doing the Roger Rabbit? The Bobby Brown? The Wop? The Cabbage Patch? Remember jumping up and down, getting on the ground, thrusting your pelvis in the air a la Salt N Pepa? Of course you do. If you remember all of that, you know it was nearly impossible to DANCE back then without breaking out a fucking sweat. Folks were all over the place! Tell me, how is that sooooo different from what folks do today?

I think we got thrown off because in the 90s we went through a period where folks didn’t dance no mo’. Party dancing gave way to mean mugging and holding up the wall. Alternatively, you would just grind your ass around and simulate sex on the dancefloor. You couldn’t really bust a move to gangsta rap and people who made music just for dancing and partying got relegated to the “wack” or “sellout” side of the hip hop spectrum.

Lil’ Boosie ain’t the epitome of hip hop by any means, folks. But I’m gonna be wiping down my shoulders, chest, pants and shoes when Wipe Me Down comes on. Why? Because I like to dance, I like to party and I remember when stuff like that wasn’t uncommon at all.

What do you think? Is dance so different now than it was before? Or are we just getting old and sounding more  like our parents every day?

Oh… and I’m not cosigning the naming of dances after what some may or may not do with their ejaculate and linens. Just skip over that.


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Am I the only one who still listens to Immature? Is it odd that I have several Immature jams on my ipizzle? Well if that’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!

I do think it’s funny though, in retrospect, that these lil boys were singing their hearts out in the sand. Oh and I know Batman/Marcus and Romeo, but um, who was that third kid again? Wonder what he’s doing in life.

Who authorized a straight up permed-bob for that lil boy though? I can’t clap to that.


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candle on the dashboard

Unhhh. Gimme a hug.


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Can we talk?

While listening to my roomie’s iPod on shuffle just a little while ago, I immediately I thought of one of my very first boyfriends. Let’s call him Aaron. Quick story: I first met Aaron through his cousin who was one of my best friends. We were all at one of those school concerts in middle school. You know, the ones where the band plays some lame songs and the chorus sings some lame songs all dressed in white tops and dark bottoms? I played the clarinet, by the way. Anyway, my girl (calling her Kira) was there and her family came to see her sing in the chorus. When it was all over we milled about near the school entrance.

I think how it happened was that Kira brought Aaron over to meet our other girlfriend (calling her Nia) who played the flute in the band with me. Standing there next to Nia, I was all googly eyed over Aaron. At that moment, “Can We Talk” started blaring from some nearby car and I thought, oh, this is too crazy right now! It never worked out with Aaron and Nia, not even for a little bit. Aaron and I, however, ended up dating (or “going together” as we preferred to call it) for a little while. After a while we broke up. I think it had something to do with him hanging out with older people and me not having sex with him. Who knows. What I DO know is that he went on to date like two more of Kira’s friends. It was no big deal. He would always ask about me. I’m pretty sure he even tried to marry me after he became Muslim. LOL. We may not have married bliss but we sure do have a song.

It’s such a good fucking song! Continue reading

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Cabbage Patch Kids

After watching the entire “I Love Toys” countdown on VH1, I was inspired to write about Cabbage Patch Kids. The toys were so popular but pretty damn strange if you think about it. I used to get a CPK every year on Easter and maybe another during the year on my birthday or at Christmas. Definitely on Easter though. I don’t know why.

I liked the ones with the comb-able hair, not the yarn heads. They were such great dolls because you could always find a CPK that looked like YOU. They had different hair, skin and eye colors. Straight hair, curly hair. Cute outfits. Boys and girls. Freckles, dimples, whatever! They even came with little birth certificates that told you their birthdate and name. The fact that the dolls came with a “history” made them seem like individuals. I’m not sure how many were made with the same name but it sure did feel like you had a one of a kind baby. You didn’t just buy a CPK, you adopted him/her.

There’s a CPK legend:

One day, a young boy named Xavier Roberts wandered into a magic cabbage patch hidden behind a beautiful waterfall. He discovered busy little Bunnybees sprinkling cabbages with magical crystals. Suddenly, all different kinds of kids and babies peeked out of the cabbages! Each one had his or her own special look, personality, name and birthday. “I’ll call you Cabbage Patch Kids!” he said as everyone cheered. Continue reading


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I don’t know why, but I was sitting here and the Eastside High school song, made popular in the movie Lean on Me, popped into my head. So naturally, I had to listen to it.

The guys from NJ started out as Playboy but changed to Riff after LOM. It’s too bad we didn’t really get to know the guys. Not only did they sing the school song in LOM but they were also responsible for the title track off of the White Man Can’t Jump soundtrack. Riff released a self-titled album in ’91  followed up byTo Whom it May Concern. They must not have sent the letter because I doubt that many people got the message. Or maybe I was just too young to appreciate them, especially when there was a new R&B male group every time you blinked. Click for some Riff music


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“O” Yeah!

Telly was weird as hell, by the way. He clearly needed therapy.


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