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Damn, is he funny?

First off, shout out to Joe Torry for holding down Def Comedy Jam after Martin left. Martin was the GOAT host, for sure, but Joe Torry had me rolling with that “Damn, is he funny?” bit with the head dip at the end.

I can’t tell if this guy Elon is funny or not with his This Week in Blackness vids. Check episode 13, Black, black, blackity black and let me know.

swiped from JJP.


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Why you wanna go and do that Love, huh?

I don’t want to spoil this for you so you’ll get my comments after the jump. Just watch. I know it’s a bit slow to start, but I think it’s worth the buildup.

Catch your breath and click for my take


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Crazy, Deranged

Take 9 minutes out of your day for some classic You So Crazy. I stay dying at 5:50.

*Pours some likka out for the old Martin*


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“Your stretch marks are roadmaps to your best parts”*

Oh word?

Peep Deelishis. (I’m a grown ass woman, dawg. Why I gotta call some other woman DEELISHIS?) Better yet, peep her midsection. Okay. Got it? Let’s move on.

I checked my boy D’s blog and he had this pic of Deelishis up and the subsequent clip from Katt Williams.

So is this what’s hot in the streets? Read More.


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What’s that they say about representing yourself in court?

Oh man. Glad I checked out Crunk + Disorderly yesterday and saw this vid posted up there!

Man decides to represent himself in court, and has the genius idea to try and cause a mistrial by… FAKING A HEART ATTACK!

Unfortunately for him, the judge was already up on his tomfoolery/buffonery/crackheadishness and was not having it.


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Miss Rap Supreme, Ep. 5

Miss Rap Supreme

After a week off, the show is back and so am I. Last lady booted off was Lady Twist. Back to the Chi’ for her.

This week, there’s more Byata v. Chiba drama and the femcees make a music video!

Lawry’s all in the crib when Byata survives the final two. So in retaliation, Chiba tells everybody that Byata been runnin her mouth callin Rece fat, Nicky2States is a wack name and Cherry stuck up. Unfortunately, nobody believes her ass. Side note, Rece looks fabulous with a blowout. Yeah girl! Side note #2, Byata got the ill talking-while-my-cigarette-is-in-my-mouth game.

Nice tender moment with Bree on the phone with her mom. This makes me think that VH1 has done it again with the foreshadowing. Bree getting the boot? Continue reading

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Miss Rap Supreme – Back on 5/19

Bad news, Miss Rap Supreme did not come on at its regularly scheduled time, therefore pushing back my usual recap/commentary of the episode. Good news, in its place, VH1 played the first installment of Sex: The Revolution. I love those “Rock Docs” they do. So we’ll catch up on MRS next week. In the meantime, let’s watch a video of Lady Twist (last week’s casualty) on her way out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Miss Rap Supreme, Ep. 4

Last week, Lionezz was told to “Step Off!”

This week the femcees  get pointers from John Singleton about being on stage. As soon as John asks if anyone has acted before, Chiba raises her hand like lightening, talking about, “I’m actually in 3 upcoming films!” Batch, please. Films? Oh you do porn? That’s wussup. 

Anyway, Serch tells the women they’ve got 30 min to rehearse Hip Hop Hamlet. *slaps head* Yeah, it’s a hip hop spin on Hamlet. Shakespeare is clawing out of his coffin right now.  Is it telling that John Singleton asked if everyone could read when handing out the scripts? I think so. Chiba, our resident lesbian thespian, decides to don an English accent on stage. “To be or not to be? That is the question. You know whatimsayin?” Yowza! This challenge’s winners: Nicky2States (who has been killing the challenge game lately along with cornering the market on babyhair) and Lady Twist. Continue reading

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Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 3

For this week’s episode, the missladyrappers must get in touch with their inner male swaggers.

After last week’s challenge, where Chiba’s team didn’t follow through with the choreography two-step she set out, there’s beef in the air. Byata’s not feeling her anymore, notwithstanding the kiss they shared on the first Ep.

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Miss Rap Supreme, Ep 2

To begin with it’s Bye Bye Khia,

Damn. Serch says write a 16 bars. IMPROMPTU. Off the dome. ORIGINAL. This chick comes through with some shit she already recorded. Track 2 off of her album. Khia, boo, I understand how you’d think this could slip by the judges. I mean, not that many people have heard your album cuts outside of “My Neck, My Back.” But come on… the people at VH1 aren’t stupid. I will never forget you, girl. All RESPE due.

By this episode, I’m pretty sure Lady twist is a man. That’s all I gotta say about that.

So we get to the challenge… Seductive Raps in Lesbian Club. Grrrrreat!

Team Lionezz gets up there and D.A.B. has significant trouble riding the beat, despite what Nicky 2 States has to say.

Speaking of Nicky, she spits: “get it from behnd/take this cookie take my mind/freak my body freak my mind/fuck so good it should be a crime/oh my god, I’m so freaky/lick on me please touch me, eat me/oh shit now my panties wet/and I ain’t even get none yet/ain’t no sweat.” (lucky for you, I have DVR and could rewind to catch that crap)

Continue reading


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