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The Concerto Table from lovegrove & repucci is super cool. I really want one. It wouldn’t go with my apt now, but I’ll get a new place just to compliment that table. According to the website,

The Concerto Table seeks to transform the experience of the modern dinner party by combining the use of a dining table with the elegant curvature of a grand piano.
Adapting the visual sensibility of an old baby grand piano, the table cleverly accommodates the issue of the many forgotten piano lessons of youth by providing a docking slot for your iPod. Simply download your favorite music onto your iPod, plug it in and instantly the Concerto Table
becomes both dining surface and dinner party background music at once. The Concerto Table comfortably accommodates space for the home office as well as still leaving room to eat and listen to music as you work. Finished for the day? Simply place your laptop and papers in the center tray and close the lid. Plug your iPod into the dock, lift the soundboard lid and let the music fill your space. Use the table for a pre-dinner cocktail and hors d’oeuvres spread. Then enlist the guests that arrive first to set the table for dinner. They won’t mind at all as your cutlery are neatly tucked into the Concerto Table’s drawer. Too bad it goes for $1400. Also available in black. They have some other cute crap too. Sheesh!


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