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Dear Aubrey,

You can keep on talking about how “real” you are and I could care less. Somehow, you think by saying you were keeping it real, you can make it out like Diddy was just afraid of your “realness”. Nah, that’s not it.

Damn shame what she did to that dog.

Keeping it real: Damn shame what she did to that dog.

In my opinion, Diddy was right on point. When you came into the group you were always a lil’ firecracker and I think that worked in your favor. It surely wasn’t because of your stellar vocals. We spent like 5 episodes straight one season dealing with your vocal limitations! You also can thank your looks for your spot in Danity Kane. We’re talking girl groups and there are no ugmos allowed. Lately, however, you’ve just gone too far and I don’t think that’s what Diddy wants. Be clear on this, what Diddy wants is all that matters. He probably has an ironclad contract on yall and even if you’re not in DK, I bet you’ll still be making HIS money. That’s neither here nor there, tho.

I mean, you’re always on the ‘net and on gossip TV running around all wild and shit. You and your roll dawg D. Woods (I never really liked that she didn’t just go by Wanita) were all cavorting and gallavanting with sailors and celebrities. Oh, and explain THIS shit:

How can you cry foul when Diddy says you’ve been too wrapped up in your own image? Side projects consisting of showing your ass? Now, of course lots of pop starlets are in magazines posing sexy and I’m sure many people will say those pics are hot. That’s cool if that’s what you’re into and that’s what the group is about. Unfortuntely for you, that’s NOT what DK is/was about. If Diddy wanted Lindsay Lohan, he’d have put a Lindsay Lohan in the group.

You’re screaming about keeping it real. Take notes from Chappelle on that one. Sometimes, keeping it real goes wrong. If Diddy doesn’t let you back in the group (cuz let’s face it: this could be a big publicity stunt), I sure hope there’s a demand for more pics of your ass and that you haven’t saturated the market already.

Very truly yours,
Renee Raddick, Esq.


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I’m such a sap – Dawn & Q

I was watching Making The Band and they had Dawn & Q on there being all mushy. If you know anything about MTB lately, you know that Dawn and Q have been boo’d up since last season. This ep had Q meeting Dawn’s parents and him telling her that one day they’re going to get married and move to France. Ok, that was a bit extra.

The part that had me all sappy was when he was standing with her in a club, all the noise and hubub going on around them, and his attention was ALL on Dawn. He said something to the effect of, “You know what happens when you get close, right? I get all crazy.” Then he stands nose to nose with her and says (this is a direct quote), “I can’t keep pretending I don’t love you, cuz I do. I can’t.”

Now, this is the second time in the episode Q told Dawn that he loved her. This is also the second time she neglected to return the sentiment. Not that I think a person has to say those three words every time their SO says it. I find that pretty annoying and contrived. I bet this is a result of reality show editing, because I can’t imagine that she hasn’t gone there with him yet. Then again, the preview for next week has Q rolling out the whole shebang (rose petals, strawberries, bubble bath, and other cliche “romantic” stuff) and she seems a bit apprehensive.
Otherwise, the relationship is refreshingly free of the other Reality Tv Relationship bullcrap, like night vision cam sex under the covers, forced moments, over-involvement of friends/cast members and drama.

Anyway, I’m just saying that this shit is so saccharine that it’s making my teeth hurt and I might have to go in for a diabetes screening. It’s cute as hell, though and I ain’t even hormonal!

Did you see it?

Aside: I’m still mad his name is Qwanell. No wonder we call him Q. Also, his lips always look mad juicy. Not “juicy” as in good and full and ooh-I-wanna-kiss. “Juicy” as in, I bet he uses a lot of saliva when he kisses. Sloppy.


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