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Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I have no voice. I was screaming that all night. Yes! Victory! This is some crazy shit, yo. BONKERS!

courtesy of The Black Snob

courtesy of The Black Snob

I was sitting in my girl’s crib, surrounded by friends, new and old. We took a break from playing Taboo (the greatest game ever) as the results of key states started to roll in. All of a sudden, CNN threw up a bar on the bottom of the screen that said Barack Obama Elected President. The reactions were all some form of, “Wait, wha?”  “No, really?”  “Yes.”  “We’re reading it.” “Turn the channel to FoxNews. They hate Obama. If they say it, it’s gotta be true!”

It’s true.

DAMN! I looked around and between opening more beers and screaming off of the balcony on South Street, I noticed folks taking their own moments to soak it all in. Quiet and pensive. Reflective and introspective. We got up and turned on the music, dancing around the apartment. Screaming at people on the street who hadn’t yet heard. At first, people didn’t believe us. I understood. Even though days before I had already claimed this victory for Obama, I was still stunned. I guess we had all been burned before, had victories snatched away from us before right when we had it in our grasp. We know “they” cheat. But this morning at 8am, it’s really real. Continue reading


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And Happy Birthday to my girl Beverlee in NY!


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More FREE stuff Tomorrow!!

Yes! I LOVE Election Day now! It’s like Halloween again. First, Starbucks is giving up free Tall coffees.

Now I see that Ben & Jerry’s is giving out a FREE scoop of ice cream from 5-8pm! OMG!!

Krispy Kreme is turning on the “HOT” sign and giving voters star-shaped donuts! You gotta have an “I Voted” sticker, though. GEEZ, where are the Kispy Kreme’s in Philly!?!!!

And if that’s not enough, adult toy store Babeland is giving out free bullets and sleeves (click the links if you don’t know what those are, prude!) to folks who bring in their voter registration card, ballot stub or “word of honor” on Nov. 4th. Unfortunately, you have to walk in to their NYC or Seattle store to get served (pun intended). Yo NYC! Who wants to get me a bullet?!?!!!!!!

So tomorrow we get our caffeine fix (free coffee), get our sweet tooth satisfied (free donuts and ice cream), get our sweet spots satisfied (free sex toys), AND a new president.

AMERICA, Fuck Yeah!

* I also heard that an “I Voted” sticker will get you a FREE Chik-Fil-A Sandwich too, but I can’t find a link to verify.


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FREE Starbucks Coffee Tuesday!

But only if you vote.

On November 4, 2008, Starbucks will give voters a free tall brewed coffee at participating U.S. stores. After voting, voters must go to a Starbucks store, where they’ll be given a tall (12 oz) cup of brewed coffee at no charge (limit one per customer). While it’s not a Caramel Macchiato or a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (my faves), it’s free!

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