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I should so write for Grey’s Anatomy

I think Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator and exec producer, is already tapping my lines, reading my blog.

The bigwigs over at Grey’s have axed the lesbian Dr. Torres/Dr. Hahn storyline. I told yall that the storyline was beat.

Me: “The match is a bad one and it’s totally unbelievable. Those women have zero chemistry together and their journey to discover whether they’re gay or not is a little off-putting.” – 11/3/08

Shonda Rhimes: Sara Ramirez, who plays Callie, is an “incredible” actress and the goal is “to play up her magic,” Rhimes said. “Unfortunately, we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke’s character would sustain in the long run.” – 11/4/08

See. Tapped. Not only is the lesbian relationship cut from the show, Brooke Smith who plays Dr. Erica Hahn got the boot from the show altogether! According to 247Gay.com, Smith was completely blindsided when producers kicked her and her newly out character to the curb. “I was so naive. I’m like, It’s 2008.” Smith said about believing that ABC would have followed through and not shied away from the lesbian storyline. “But I’m starting to realize that not everyone feels the way I do.”

Sorry Brooke. Don’t put this on ABC’s lack of homo-friendliness or inability to stand up and wave the rainbow flag. According to GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, ABC’s fall schedule had seven characters that are either gay men or bisexual women, including the Callie and Erica characters, the most of any broadcast network. Face it, the story arc blows. I won’t miss her anyway. Her character, Dr. Hahn, is pushy and mean and all out bitchy. So what she’s a hot shot heart surgeon. She’s no Preston Burke! I’m sure we can do without her pursed lips and condescending attitude.

Obvy they should just let me start writing for the show. At the very least they could let me watch the episodes before anyone else and tell them when something sucks. I could have saved them all of this trouble because you know the show is already associated with homophobia i.e. Isaiah Washington’s bullshit.


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Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Torres & Hahn

I’ve seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t help it, I like the show. Even though the storylines tend to get unrealistic (oh really Izzy? You can break all kind of professional and ethical rules by “stealing” a heart from one patient to give it to another, whom you happen to love but end up killing anyway, and get your job back without being sued to high hell or stripped of your license to practice medicine? Okay then). The characters tend to get whiny and desperate (Exhibit 1: Meredith “Pick me. Choose me. Love me” Grey). Still, I watch. However, now the show is going off the deep end with this lesbian relationship between Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Erica Hahn.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian. That’s not what this is about at all. I just think they’re forcing the relationship. The match is a bad one and it’s totally unbelievable. Those women have zero chemistry together and their journey to discover whether they’re gay or not is a little off-putting. I would imagine that this whole back and forth bullshit is insulting to lesbian women and LGBTQ people in general. Then again I could be wrong. The show’s producers did consult with GLAAD and they use real life lesbians as advisers for the storyline! Wow! Continue reading


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