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Child Abuse

I wonder when we’re going to start holding people accountable for child abuse for shit like this:

I’m not a skinny person but I really think we need to quit making excuses and accommodations for obese people. There’s a hefty amount of responsibility that goes into being that large. For kids, however, they don’t have the presence of mind, maturity or ability to control themselves when presented with all kinds of treats and fatty foods. It’s clearly ALL on the parents. Surely a five year old child can’t be held responsible for being over 200lbs. I’m a 27 year old woman and I’m not even 200lbs! If you were a parent who did drugs or alcohol while pregnant, you’d be vilified for harming your child’s health and future life prospects. You cannot tell me that this child’s parents have not harmed her (is that a her?) health and future.

I would fucking kill my mom. When I got 7 years old (and presumably another 100lbs larger) I’d sit on her chest while she slept.

Am I wrong?


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Garbage Knees

I’m 26 and I have garbage knees. 

ACL & MCL Tears

Why? In middle school, high school and college, I had 3 injuries to my knees: 1 partially torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) on one knee and a sprained ACL and MCL (medial collateral ligament) on the other. I got these injuries 1) while in dance class, executing choreography; 2) while playing volleyball, coming down from a spike; 3) running up some stairs in my dorm. 

See, The ACL is a small, rubber-band-like fiber, no bigger than a little finger, that attaches to the femur (thigh bone) in the upper leg and the tibia (shin bone) in the lower leg and stabilizes the knee. When it ruptures, the reconstructive surgery is complicated and the rehabilitation painful and long. It usually takes six to nine months to return to competition, even for professional athletes. The MCL spans the distance from the end of the femur to the top of the tibia and is on the inside of the knee joint. The MCL resists widening of the inside of the joint, or prevents “opening-up” of the knee. Continue reading


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