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Real quick: He say/She say

This photo says it all:

This comes from a UK survey (a la Fabulous Mag) of men and women. The sizes in the picture are UK sizes. The US equivalents are as follows: Anna, Size 10, Tillie, Size 6 and Caroline, Size 14. Do you think this is reflective of men’s and women’s ideals in the US as well? If men are the ones who have traditionally controlled the media (which idealizes Tillie’s size), but their true ideal body type is more like Anna’s, where are the wires getting crossed? Aside: I don’t like how Anna is photographed. That post somehow makes her look bigger than Caroline. I’m curious as to why Tillie seems most prominently featured too.

On a separate but sort of related note: I made an observation today and I want to know if others have noticed this too… The higher a man’s stature in society (based on his education, career, accomplishments, etc), the thinner he likes his women. Go the other way on the spectrum of “success” and “status” and men date thicker women all the way to downright portly. If this is true, this means I need to drop a couple of sizes to climb the dating ladder, right? Aw fooey!

Swiped: Weapons of Mass Seduction


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a life neurotic

I haven’t been updating as frequently because Verizon is still fucking with me. I need a technician to come out and see why I cannot get a reliable DSL signal but who has time for that? Not me. I cannot take off a day to sit and wait for some lackey in a toolbelt to tool around my apartment. It’s inconvenient and the whole thing is awkward. I always feel like I have to clean up extra well too. As if the freakin’ Queen of England was stopping by. I’ll be finished with this internship after next week, so I’ll have all the time in the world to wait for Verizon.

Anyway, on top of not having a good connection at home, I’m just kind of stuck for something to write. Then I figured I might as well just talk about myself and how things have been going.

Let’s see. I’ve gotten back on my “get in shape grind” or at least I’m trying to. I was doing pretty well several months ago, to the point where people were noticing the change and I was fitting into things that I thought were a wrap. Then, after my schedule changed for the summer and I had some setbacks/inconveniences, I just fell off. Wasn’t hitting the gym. WAS hitting Five Guys. Not a good idea. Knowing that I was slowly starting to erase all of the work I did, I started to feel like shit and I was having bad days. Lost my mojo. Continue reading


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This is for “the Arruh”

No, I’m not talking about R. Kelly. I mean my girl who was miffed I didn’t put a shirtless pic of LL up in my Father’s Day DILF post.

So here you go, girl. Don’t say I never did anything for ya!

LL Cool J

Yo, you mean to tell me this man was born in 1968? I mean, that’s not OLD, but DAMN… He looks better than ever (see).

I think I lost ¾ of my male readers.

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