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Back to America/Almonds

Oh man. I’ve been flying like a crazy person. I’m so tired of traveling. Let’s see, I left Tokyo on May 1 and flew for 10 hours to Los Angeles. I’d like to point out that I lived for two Fridays. Yes. I traveled into the past. See I left Japan on Friday evening then arrived in California on Friday morning! Crazy, right?

The flight would have been great because I love Singapore Airlines but I was stuck next to the stinkiest man I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting in life. LIFE! Ugh. I didn’t know what to do about it. I considered asking the flight attendant to talk to homeboy, see if he had a clean shirt in his carry-on or if he could go to the bathroom and splash some water on his pits. I consider myself a straight shooter but I didn’t realize how difficult it is to tell a stranger, a foreigner, that they stink to high fucking hell.

Like I said, normally flying on Singapore is great. They served two delicious meals, bring you all kinds of free liquor, give you slipper socks and a toothbrush… I even had significant leg room. Too bad Dr. Stankenstein was next to me. It wasn’t too bad once he sat still and quit stirring up the funk. I was literally covering my face. Speaking of face covering, this fool had the NERVE to put on one of those face masks that Japanese people (and surgeons and those afraid of Swine Flu) be rocking. Oh word? I’M the one who needs to be wearing a mask to guard against YOU! Ugh.

Anyway, I get to LAX where I have a 9 hour layover. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, I just chilled in the terminal from 1pm to 10pm. What did I do in all that time? Had lunch, had dinner. Read. Listened to iPod. Played with my Blackberry. Sat next to an NBA player who was waiting on a delayed Southwest Flight. That shit boggled my mind because recession be damned, I don’t know why homeboy is flying one of the cheapest airlines around AND waiting on that shit to boot!

Finally, I boarded a flight to Philly… 5 hours long. Soon I’ll be in a car for a 2hour drive. I can’t tell you how much I want to just sit still. My body hurts like I’ve been in a fight too.

I’m without computer for a little while so posts will be sparse. Before I go, let me tell you about these damn wasabi and soy sauce flavored almonds I’m eating right now. SERIOUS flavor! Maybe Japan had a bigger influence on me than I thought! Try them if you get a chance though. They’re Blue Diamond brand.

My Japan friends… please send me some Meiji chocolate almonds please. I swear I didn’t even like almonds until I tasted those wonderful things.


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Flew to NC yesterday. Plane was packed and I sat in the very last seat, got the window at least. There was a little boy sitting next to me. His sister was in the opposite window seat and his dad was a couple of rows up. Some flight engineer or whoever (basically some negro in an orange reflective vest) boards the back of the plane and messes with some switches. He turns to the little boy and says “You’re not scared to fly alone?” The boy just shakes his head, “no.” Dude: “I’m scared to fly, I know that.” Kid: silence. Dude: “Supposed to be a lot of turbulence up there today.” This he says loud enough for the last 5 rows of the plane to hear.

What the fuck, man? I’m not afraid to fly at all, but a lot of people are. What kind of dick tells people on the plane that there’s turbulence and imply that they should be afraid? Especially when talking to a little kid? PARTICULARLY when you appear to be a person who would be privy to flight information! Ugh.

I used to like flying but now I don’t. Why? It’s not because of all the security hoops you have to go through, although I do suggest they put some seats at the end of the security check so you can put your shoes back on with some dignity and ease. I’m pissed because while flying on US Airways, I had to pay $15 to check my bag! They’re also charging $2 for sodas and juice! Okay. I know what the economy is like and it must be ridic to fill up a plane with gas. HOWEVER, I’m not going to fly your airline if you keep charging me for simple shit. I usually fly Southwest when I go to NC but I booked late and the available times didn’t work for me. Southwest doesn’t make you pay for that stuff. Really? Pay for my single bag? Continue reading

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