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Chicken Stinks*

Been running around this week and didn’t write much here. I had a post I wanted to do, but it’s late and I didn’t get to it earlier when I wanted to. Why? I just spent my evening frying chicken. A boatload of chicken. A henhouse of chicken, I guess.
It was all for this food sale fundraiser that my student org has at school every year. It’s a big draw because, well who doesn’t like soul/caribbean/african food? It outsells all the other food sales, including the Asian and South Asian sales (which are pretty good). Only thing is, I smelled like chicken for a while until I got home, stripped and showered.

Discovering that frying chicken stinks isn’t really a new thing. The people downstairs fry chicken every other day and I can smell it wafting into the hallway. That’s probably half the reason the man downstairs had to get heart surgery and why his wife is husky as shit… all that damned fried food. When I was young, I don’t remember the apartment smelling that bad when my ma or grandma would fry chicken. Maybe it’s because that’s the general smell I was used to.

I fried all that chicken at a friend’s crib. Hope he opens a few windows. I haven’t fried any at home in like a year. I don’t plan on it either. I swear the blazer I had on smells like the Colonel rolled it in all 11 of his special herbs and spices.

I’ll just have to get to that post tomorrow and I’ll be sure to let you know how the sale (and the chicken) turned out.


*But it still tastes good tho!

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Let me tell you what ELSE is good

Before, I told you that those yummy Betty Crocker Warm Delights were good.

I’ve found a new 150 calorie snack which serves to satisfy my sweet tooth and provides enough fiber to sustain me for quite some time. I LOVE Quaker’s Simple Harvest Granola Bars. That’s saying something because I don’t really care for most granola bars. Previously, I would ride for those Nature Valley Oat & Honey bars. Tasty, but always too crunchy. Not enough chewy. You can feel good about Quaker’s bars because they are made with whole grain oats, provide two grams of fiber and two grams of protein per serving, and contain all natural ingredients like whole wheat, oats, barley, fruits, and nuts.

I was in Pathmark and figured I’d try these Simple Harvest bars because, well they were on sale. Good enough for me! The only flavor left was the Chocolate Chunk. Eh, not my first choice but like I said, they were on sale and I needed a snack I could toss in my bag for when I have late classes. I tried one and MMmmmm! The dark chocolate is perfect because it satisfies the sweet tooth without going overboard. The bar is chewy but still maintains a crunch (not like wimpy cereal bars). I think Chocolate Chunk will remain my fave, but the bars also come in Honey Roasted Nut and Cinnamon Brown Sugar w/Apples & Cranberries. I’m tempted to try the latter since I don’t care for the nuts.

The Simple Harvest line also includes a hot cereal that I have yet to try. Want to try a FREE SAMPLE? Click here, try it out and then let me know what you think.


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Can I just share with you something that annoys me to no end?
What’s up with people feeding their kids junk food for breakfast? Yo, people thought that Barack Obama was being all condescending when he was telling folks that we need to quit feeding our babies cold Popeye’s chicken in the AM. Well screw that because that man was on point. As my familiar readers know, I ride public transpo in Philly. I ride anywhere between 8 and 10am depending on the day. No matter how many times I see it, I’m shocked. Little kids who can barely get into the bus seat by themselves, clutching bags of barbecue potato chips and bottles of soda. Seriously?

I know for a fact that you don’t have to travel 2 blocks in Philly before you run into someone who will sell you some fruit, an egg sandwich, or even a friggin’ orange juice! Yes, I am judging here.

It concerns me because I know that that is not the only sub par meal that kid is getting that day. I know that habits are being formed where that kid will think it’s okay to eat random bullshit. I don’t have to tell you about obesity in our community or the onset of obesity-related disorders such as diabetes and hypertension. This is not really a commentary on being poor or low-income, either. I grew up poor and while as a kid I would have liked a bowl of gummy worms for breakfast, my grandparents weren’t going to let that ride. Even low-income people got cereal and milk (WIC, fool!).

The inspiration for this post: Today, I saw a chick on the subway. She’s a whole other story unto herself because she instantly reminded me of a Treasure Troll. Homegirl was white, short, fat and had FUSCHIA hair (with brown roots and jacked up ends). She had a lil’ biracial boy with her and they both were chomping away on some potato chips. You better believe that Barack Obama had breakfast, yo!

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Remember Jiffy Pop?

I don’t know why, but I thought of Jiffy Pop just now. I remember growing up, Jiffy Pop was such a treat. Not because it was all that good. Truthfully, I preferred the air-popped popcorn we used to make at my Aunt Jennifer’s crib. Do they even make air-poppers anymore? Jiffy Pop was cool as hell in the days before we all made popcorn in the microwave. It sure was better than putting a lil oil in the bottom of a pot and tossing in some kernels.

Jiffy Pop’s allure was that silver dome that would rise after about 90 seconds of pop time. You got to stand over the stove (an unusual privilege for a young kid) and shake shake shake that sucker. First there was the rustling of the kernels in the aluminum pan. Then there was the sizzle of the oil inside. Finally, POP! POPPOPPOPPOPPOP! Popcorny splendor!!! You had to be pretty adept at Jiffy Popping or risk burning the popcorn. Not too different from how you must keep a vigilant watch over the microwave nowadays or risk having your coworkers hate you for the next hour or so.

I think I’m going to buy some. It can’t be more than a dollar now, ya think? What food/snack are you nostalgic about? Click to watch Jiffy Pop in action!


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Let me tell you what’s good

These Betty Crocker Warm Delights are goooood as hell.

I bought a package of the Minis in the Molten Chocolate Cake flavor. FYI, each lil bowl is only 150 Calories (SCORE!). According to the directions, all you do is “Simply add water, stir, microwave and in minutes you’ll be enjoying a warm, delicious treat.” Minutes? Nah. With the Minis, it’s only 30 SECONDS until you’re in chocolatey heaven.

See, I’m not the type of person who keeps sweets in the house. I bake stuff from scratch on occasion, but usually for friends or bake sales. I crave cookies and ice cream (mint chocolate chip, thanks), but I don’t buy them. Better to avoid temptation altogether than to try and limit myself to 2 or 3 cookies (impossible). Usually, if I want a little sweet fix, I’ll have a tiny square of dark chocolate or have a cup of tea. Now, though, I can add these Betty Crocker Minis every once in a while.

The coolest thing is that you open the package and get a little packet of cake mix and a packet of “frosting” or in my case, fudge topping. Add 1 Tbsp and 1Tsp of water and bam, you have your batter. Some folks would balk at having to add water and stir. Too much work, I guess. Come on lazy, you’re about to eat a dessert, the least you can do is burn 1/8 of a calorie by stirring it up first! There’s a bonus to mixing it yourself: YOU GET TO LICK THE SPOON! See, it’s more and more like a “real” dessert!

I thought it’d come out lame from the microwave. Nope. That jawn was fluffy as I don’t know what. I will say that when you finish stirring the batter, it looks like it’s not enough to grow into a lil cake. Fam, it was just enough to make you feel like you satisfied your sweet tooth, but a small enough portion so that your guilt didn’t interfere with the sugar high.

It’s like the grown-up version of the Easy Bake Oven. They’re also pretty popular to put in care packages for folks in Iraq. Don’t say I didn’t put you on to nothing.


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I swiped this from Shani-O over at The Neo (also posted at PostBourgie).
It’s a list of the one hundred foods every omnivore should eat once in their lifetime, courtesy of the folks at Very Good Taste. Here’s how it works:

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at www.verygoodtaste.co.uk linking to your results.

The VGT Omnivore’s Hundred:

1. Venison
2. Nettle tea
3. Huevos Rancheros
4. Steak Tartare
5. Crocodile
6. Black Pudding
7. Cheese fondue
8. Carp
9. Borscht
10. Baba ghanoush
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Cooking for Real

Move over Rachel Ray.

Finally, the Food Network has put someone on who is not as annoying as Ms. Ray, but who still embodies that friendly, accessible, (sista)girl next door feeling: Sunny Anderson (Not to be confused with NCCU alum and recording artist Sunshine Anderson of “Heard it all Before” fame).
Okay I admit, Sunny’s got that little giggle reminiscent of Ray, but unlike the Queen of Corny, Sunny’s giggle doesn’t appear at just the slightest provocation and it isn’t accompanied by annoying Rachel’isms like “EVOO” and “yummo.”

Sunny has two shows on the food network, Cooking for Real (Sun 10:30am) and How’d That Get On My Plate? (Mon 9:30pm). I don’t really watch the shows on the Food Network that feature one or two (shout out to the Neelys) cooks doing their thing. I pretty much watch the challenges and Iron Chef (comedy). I like Sunny’s style, though. She cooks in a really uncomplicated way and blends flavors from her experience living all over first as an Army Brat and as a member of the US Air Force, herself. She also cooks semi-homemade, which is taking things boxed/canned/bottled and using them in your recipes. This is imperative for those of us who like to cook, but live busy schedules. It’s okay to use a cornbread out of the box if cornbread isn’t the main dish you’re rolling with.

She so hood

She so hood

Oh, and the girl eats. She’s stuffing cornbread in her mouth and talking! She’s encouraging us to drink the leftover beer after we’re done using it for batter. She’s thick in the hips (shout out to Nigella Lawson) and rocks a honey blonde weave. Hayyyy Gurrrrl!

Not only is Sunny nice in the kitchen, she’s nice on the mic. No, she’s not a rapper, but she has done some voice-overs and had a career in broadcasting which kicked off in the Air Force, landing her at HOT 97 in NYC. Vibe Magazine rated her show as one of the top 9 to listen to nationwide and crowned her, “Ruler of the Airwaves.” Sunny’s hip hop cred extends further as she was the Food & Lifestyle editor at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

Check out some Sunny Anderson for yourself and set your TiVO/DVR.

Sunny’s Blog. Sunny’s Myspace.

Aside: Sunny kind of puts me in the mind of Tracie Spencer. Yay or Nay?


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On: Glaceau’s Vitamin Energy


Don't Go There

Just about everyday in Center City, Philadelphia, you can find some promo peeps handing out free shit. Today, guys were handing out samples of Vitamin Energy from a branded van.
I grabbed one because it was free and it was there. I don’t really *DO* energy drinks. I figure that I should rest or energize naturally instead of reaching for an artificial boost.

Anyway I take it back to the office and, since I do have to work late today, I decide to try it out. I like Vitamin Water, so this can’t be bad. Plus I like the way Glaceau writes odd things on the can. Example:

“not recommended for children, pregnant women, or people sensitive to caffeine. Recommended for people who have children, those tryinig to get pregnant or people in search of natural energy.”

Well, ok. I guess I fall into the ‘people in search of natural energy’ category. Hmm, how do I tell you what this stuff (the “fruit punch” flavor) tastes like? Imagine waking up next to Barney, the loveable purple dinosaur, and kissing him first thing in the morning, pre-toothpaste, and post-giving a BJ to his boy B.J.
I’m pretty sure that’s 2 levels better than drinking this crap.

I only had two sips before walking to the ladies room and pouring this purple acid down the drain. WTF? I thought purple stuff was supposed to be good?
You know what, I should have been tipped off when I saw that it was purple and labeled “fruit punch”. Everyone knows that fruit punch is supposed to be RED.

Even though it was free, I kinda want my money back…
or at least get an apology for my offended tastebuds. Hmph.


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