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Trash TV – YES!

I was in trash TV heaven last night. Thank you VH1 and your “celebreality” nonsense. Thank you very much.

9pm: I Want to Work for Diddy – I was anticipating this tomfoolery

for weeks because it’s mainly Diddy’s antics in front of the camera that brings me back to shows like Making the Band. Make no mistake Danity Kane, Da Band and Day 26, the show is about Sean Combs. ALL about Sean Combs. (Aside: hmm, I just noticed they all start with “D”. Hey DIDDY, is this some weird subliminal way to keep your name in our heads?).

Anyway, the premise of the show is that 13 hopefuls will compete for a coveted position as Diddy’s personal assistant. They’ll endure crazy challenges to see if they can meet the demanding mogul’s expectations. The show did not disappoint. Not much Diddy, but enough crazy “characters” to tide me over until he starts making more frequent appearances. As Diddy’s former manager Phil Robinson said, the hopefuls have a long way to go before meeting Diddy, let alone working for him. Continue reading


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