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Vote or Die pt deux: Twitch v. Joshua


I will certainly be tuning in tonight (albeit only for the last 15 minutes or so) to see who wins this season’s SYTYCD crown. I have loved Twitch and Joshua from the beginning but I’m really torn. I love Twitch’s personality. He’s fun to watch and I think he’s a genuinely nice guy. I’d be happy if he won. Joshua, on the other hand is just a power house. Explosive strength, tackles every dance genre they throw at him and he also seems like a genuinely nice guy! I’d be happy if he won. The dance from last night, when the guys “dueled” was fantabulous! I was on the edge of my sofa when Joshua was hitting those high ass toe touches. Not even when I was captain of my cheerleading squad (shameless plug) could I match him!

I’m not really mentioning the girls because, although they’re sweet, they don’t come close to the guys.

Do you watch? Who will win? Did you vote? VOTE OR DIE!!


Congrats! Like I said, I liked both guys but I was leaning towards Josh. I didn’t vote though, so I’m typing this from the fiery pits of Hell.

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