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I’m stocking up for 2012

Swiped from SheenaSays (who swiped from HuffPost), check out these Obama masks being manufactured in JPN. I should stock up on these babies while I’m here, pack a suitcase full and bring ’em back to the US, selling ’em for a profit in 2012!

The Ogawa Rubber Inc factory, north of Tokyo, said it had produced and sold more than 2,500 Obama face masks since December, and 1,000 more are being manufactured, making it their fastest selling product.

“I believe that unlike Japanese politicians’ masks, Obama’s mask radiates something that grabs people’s hearts. I think many people do feel that energy,” said executive director Takahiro Yagihara. The mask is sold for some 2,200 yen ($24) at toy and costume shops across Japan.


Japan’s toy manufacturer Ogawa Rubber employee Yuka Nomura paints an eye on a rubber mask of US President elect Barack Obama at the company’s factory in Saitama city, suburban Tokyo on January 7, 2009. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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