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Singles Week – a lil’ extra

FYI, if you’re one of the singles lamenting the fact that you aren’t hitched, go outside and meet somebody. If that’s too much for you to handle, start at home!

Anyone who visits http://www.chemistry.com/offer/7daysfree?bannerid=2008972 this week (9/22-9/27) will receive a free seven-day membership to Chemistry.com.

Chemistry.com’s “Come As You Are” mantra has created a destination that attracts millions of diverse and creative people who are looking for the kind of relationship that fits their needs and their life-philosophy – whether it’s a marriage, long-term commitment, or romance.

Of course, Bourgie cannot guarantee that you’ll find your life partner, but I figured it would be nice to know! If you DO meet a significant other, I ask that I at least get invited to the nuptials. Thanks.

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National Singles Week!

Hallmark… what’s good? I thought you had everything covered. You even have Mother’s and Father’s Day cards for single parents! I went into Betty Sue’s Hallmark and didn’t find a single card, not even one of those 99cent jawns, for National Singles Week!

I bet you all didn’t even know a National Singles Week existed. I admit, I didn’t know until recently. It’s true, though. September 21-27 is dedicated to those of us who are not yet married. Yep, you can still join in even if you have a boo. No ring, no vows means your in!

What’s the point, though? Isn’t marriage supposed to be a good thing? Of course. Well, to most people. I personally do not have anything against marriage in and of itself, although I do have some issues with the way some people construe the institution of marriage.

If you love marriage and all that jazz, you can still enjoy this week, fellow singles! Hmm, I wonder if this is why TVOne ran a reunion of the Living Single cast on Monday. How convenient!!
Psychology Today lists reasons why we need National Singles Week. I’ll pick out a few: Continue reading


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