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Happy New Year

2009 is right around the corner. You hear a lot of people say they don’t make resolutions because it’s wack or they set goals for themselves all year. That makes sense. Still, I think the end of the year is a good time to look back and take stock of how you spent the past 12 months. What did you accomplish? What kinds of things do you wish you had done differently? Did you make friends? Did you lose any? Most importantly, what did you learn? Sure, you don’t have to make a “resolution,” but you might want to look around the bend at the new year and apply lessons learned to the future.

That being said, what did I learn in 2008? The beginning of the year was pretty fun. I went out a lot and made some new friends. School was pretty blah because I was just getting really tired of it all, being in the second semester of my second year of school. The summer was nice. I had a job that, while not initially my first choice, turned out to be really interesting and fulfilling. I went out of town a lot, spent a good amount of my time back and forth between Philly, NYC and NC. I guess you can say I met someone and in my mind things were just easy going all throughout the summer. Some highlights: I talked to my father more this year than I have my entire life to date. I met my sister from Germany for the first time and my mother accomplished one full year being drug-free. Continue reading


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