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Dating Personality

So I took this “test” today over at OKCupid and was LOL’ing at the result. It’s a bit lengthy but simple enough. Try it out and let me know what you come up with!

You are: Ghengis Khunt!
Random Brutal Sex Master (RBSM)

We almost called you Brutus the Uterus and attached this picture.

But we figured you wouldn’t understand, and rightly so. We don’t understand either. So you are Genghis Khunt: master of man, bringer of pain–riding your way to conquest after conquest.

Your sexual avarice is legendary. You’ve already had an unusually high amount of experience, and, still you look for more. You intimidate many. You make no apologies.

Personality-wise, you’re carefree and relatively easy-going. You don’t plan things out ahead of time; you tend to live in the moment. Of course, this can cause some damage when the moment happens to include a screaming orgasm with his younger brother. Hence the ‘brutal’ tag we’ve given you.

But you know what, take five seconds to lock the doors, and you’ll be fine. There’s nothing wrong with a little sex, or a whole lot.

Always avoid: The Slow Dancer (DGLD)

Consider: The 5-Night Stand (DBSM), The Hornivore (RBSM), The Playboy (RGSM)


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My Personality DNA

Got this browsing over at Diary of a Mad Therapist. It’s one of those personality test thingamajiggers. I liked it because it was more interactive than just clicking some little bubbles althoughI don’t know how accurate I was with it.
According to the site, Personal DNA, I’m a Designer and I relate to others as a Free-Wheeler, making me a:

Click HERE to see my personality report.
While I think the part about me is pretty accurate, the way I relate to others is spot on. If you do your own personality DNA test, be a doll and leave a link in the comments. I’m interested to see how they turn out.


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