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AYDMF: The stupidity continues

Remember this dumb guy who got himself impaled on an iron fence while trying to run from the Philadelphia Police? His momma was all on the news talking about police brutality, claiming it was the officers’ fault that her son got stuck on the fence. She also claimed that her son was a good kid and that he hadn’t done anything wrong. He was just scared. Yeahhhhh. Listen mom, there still might be time to retract those statements.

This fool, Tony Burrell, is currently being held on a 5 MILLION Dollar bond for attempting to shoot two police officers. This unlucky bastard, while running from the cops, fired at one and tried to fire at another when his .45 caliber glock jammed. Ha!

What’s pretty hilarious is that the officers are being praised for their restraint and for not shooting back. Sure, they didn’t pop a cap in his ass, but I’m pretty sure they beat him something terrible. Cops don’t really like being shot at and we all know the street rule right: If you pull a gun on somebody you better kill them. I’d bet my good dancing foot that the entire Philly PD turned a blind eye to the whooping that boy got.

What was that boy’s momma talking about anyway? Good kid? Police said Burrell has 17 prior arrests dating back to when he was 13-years-old! I don’t think he’s coming home anytime soon, though. Back when he was stuck on that fence, he got out on $500 bail.  Mommy dearest can’t even put up her house to meet the new $5 million bail. News reports say Burrell may face a mandatory 20-year sentence under a new law targeting suspects who fire on police. Like five cops have been killed this year in Philly. For sure homeboy is a goner.

What kind of idiot tries to shoot at the cops and has his gun jam? The same kind of idiot who crashes his ATV into a police car, runs and lands on an iron spike.


Source: Fox News Philadelphia

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Where were you?

Where were you when you saw America elect its first Black/African-American President of the United States? When Barack Obama became the 44th person to serve as Commander-in-Chief? When we made a change like never before? When we took “hope” from more than a cliche campaign buzz word to the next level?

I was in Philadelphia. I was with friends, new and old. I was on South Street going crazy. I was happy. I only took a few pictures and brief video. I may upload more later from friends who were with me.

Sorry the quality isn’t that good. People were in motion the whole time!


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philly so crazy

Last night I was out and about, running around on a failed mission (but I won’t get into that). As usual, Philly never disappoints and I was able to observe/overhear some interesting stuff.

  • On the Broad Street Line, around 7pm, headed southbound. A young woman and her two kids get on and sit behind me. These kids must have just fueled up on grape sodas and bubblegum because they’re bouncing off the walls. No, bouncing off the seats. My seat. One kid repeatedly hits me in the back. I’m trying to stay chill because kids can be stupid and I figure soon enough, the mom will put her in check. Nope. So now I gotta turn around in my seat and give that half smile which means “Bitch, control your litter!” Anyway, both of the kids continue to just make noise and wild out. Eventually, the mom gets fed up (I guess after dealing with them, her threshhold for bullshit is pretty high) and says to her son, “I swear I’m going to punch you in the face!” The little boy, unflinched, says “Mommy, I love you.” Without missing a beat, the mom replies, “I love you too.” Man, if that ain’t some kind of warped ass love, I don’t know what is. Continue reading


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Bourgie goes to the theater

Well, sort of.

My boy, “The Haitian” asked me to accompany him to the Young Performer’s Theater Camp’s 2008 Recital. A program of the Philly Rec Dept, the camp is a really great program that brings the arts to hundreds of kids in the City. Acting, voice and dancing. Sounds great right? It sure is. The Haitian and I caught the dance show.

The opening number got me right away. Immediately I was whisked back in time to when I used to dance. I tell this to everyone who knows me, but if I could be anything in the world with the snap of my fingers, I’d be a professional dancer. Touring and performing. Choreographing. Soaking up the spotlight. When I was young, I started out in a program kind of similar to the Young Performer’s. I am very grateful for that opportunity, because I know my family would not have been able to afford to send me to dance lessons. As a matter of fact, that’s why I never realized my dream of becoming a professional. Well, partly. When I did dance, I was into Jazz, Modern/Contemporary and Hip-Hop. So when I saw those kids sashaying and leaping across the stage, I must admit my heart quickened. Then it momentarily came to a screeching halt. Continue reading


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AYDMF: Man impaled on fence

Swiped from Philly.com

A 19-year-old man was impaled on a fence last night in South Philadelphia after he crashed an all-terrain vehicle into a police car and then tried to run away, police said.The ATV collided with the 17th Police District cruiser at 7:43 p.m. in 2200 block of Reed Street, police said. The man then ran a short distance with officers in pursuit.

As he tried to hop over an iron fence, the man was impaled. The Fire Department had to saw off part of the fence and leave the metal in the man’s body so he could be safely transported.

He was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where the fence was removed. He was reported in stable condition.

Police Internal Affairs is investigating whether an officer may have pulled on the man as he tried to climb over the fence, causing the impalement.

I saw this on the news this morning. Apparently, dude had like 22 warrants on him or something and tried to run from the police after crashing HIS ATV into THEIR car! This lil Nas ran, and tried to hop this iron fence. Not a chain link fence, but an iron jawn like this except higher.

Oh, and did I mention homeboy was um, portly?

To top the Nas-ery off, his family is screaming on the news that it’s the police’s fault. They say as he tried to hop the fence, police pulled his leg, causing him to come down upon the iron fence. Now, not that I think the police are above this kind of thing. They very well might have, on purpose or accidentally. But I’m more inclined to believe that this dude was running because he had mad warrants, knew he did something stupid and couldn’t get his tubby self up over that damned fence.



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You call this “service”?

So I don’t know if yall know, but this bourgie babe used to wait tables. Yup, I worked at Chili’s Bar & Grill as a waitress and as a bartender. It was one of the worst jobs ever, but I think more people should try it out. You learn a lot about people, service, humility, containing your emotions, being fake as fuck and food. Some positives about the gig was getting cash every night and having flexible hours.

I was damn good at it too. I can still remember a shitload of orders (with modifications) without writing them down. I checked on my guests and looked hot in an apron. But shit, it was tiring. I left every night smelling like fajitas, even if I never carried a fajita that day. People are shitty to you sometimes. Bad tippers come in all ages, races and classes.

That being said, I’d like to think that I’m a model diner. I have a lot of patience for waitstaff wherever I go, because I know how things can get. I, in all of my greatness, have forgotten to put in an order, taken too long to refill a drink or just been in a crap mood when dealing with customers. It happens. On the flipside, I also have a limit as to what I’ll accept. Some shit is just a bad job.

Read more about what inspired this post


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