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I do not have any problem whatsoever with homosexuality. Homosexuals do not offend any sense of morality that I have. Any sense of decency. I care about what homosexuals do just as much as I care about what heterosexuals do. I do not ascribe any negativity to someone’s character and/or actions simply because they are homosexual. It simply does not matter to me at all. It would not matter to me if my mother revealed to me that she was a lesbian. It would not matter to me if my son told me he wanted to marry a man. Well, those things would matter, of course, but not because of the homosexual part.

Still, whenever I see a person who appears to fit within the generally accepted homosexual “box” aka, when I see somebody who I think is gay, I MUST say in my head, “gay”. I do not know why. I just do it.

I feel bad about it. Like it somehow negates everything I said in the first paragraph. WHY must I point it out in my own head. To be sure, I don’t go tapping the person I’m with like, “ooh look, he’s gay.” That’s uber lame. I hate when other people do that shit. I just say a quiet “gay” in my head and K.I.M.

What’s that about?


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Film takes on sexual identity & race

Recently, there were a bunch of stories, commentary and television appearances concerning the transgendered man (Thomas Beatie) who became pregnant. 

Many times we hear of transexuals who are born men but choose to live as women. Until recently, I feel like the other side of transgendered life, biological females living as males, hasn’t been explored. The Beatie story has brought some of the discussion to light. People are still confused, uncomfortable and freaked out by the whole thing. Not just Beatie being with child, but the idea that a person of one biological gender would choose to live differently, as a man or woman. If you’re confused, uncomfortable or freaked out, imagine how those transgendered folks must feel when making these life-altering decisions and then living with them.

Now, imagine that same burden with the additional weight of being Black. Not only must you contend with what I believe to be a harsher form of homophobia (I think that even the most anti-LGBTQ person can make room in their consciousness for a lesbian or for a gay man, but it’s beyond the grasp of many to comprehend a transgendered person), you must also deal with racism. With that, the harsh backlash that comes from within the Black community towards LGBTQ folks. 

A film is in the works to discuss some of these issues. It’s called “Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen.” The trailer makes it look pretty interesting. There’s even a black male (born female) who gave birth to twins. Funny that story didn’t make national headlines or Oprah. But neither do Black folks who go missing, so I guess it’s to be expected. 

Anyway, check out the trailer and the site. Let me know what you think. 

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