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Juicy eh?

Makes me think of summer. I’m SO Black, y’all! Would you rock ’em?

Peeped at Trashbag Aesthetics.


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In there like swimwear

J, C and ME

It’s June. It’s pretty much summertime. To me, summer used to mean time off from school, day camp and summer league basketball games. Now, summer is about the days being longer, humidity fucking with my Dominican press, internships/clerkships, traveling out of town on the weekends and SWIMMING.

I love to swim. Pool. Beach. Lakes (well not so much nowadays). I like to immerse myself in the water and feel the cool liquid wash over my entire body. I like the quiet way I can cut through the water when swimming totally submerged. I like splashing in salty waves, getting knocked down and doing it all over again. Every year I look forward to handstands in the pool and pushing my friends in the water at Maurice’s pool parties.

The only problem with swimming is that, in most places, you can’t do it naked. You need a swimsuit. It has come to my attention that it is time for me to purchase new swimwear. KILL ME NOW! Continue reading


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