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Go to Hell State!

Carolina v. NC State – W, 89-80

Everyone recognizes the Carolina v. Dook rivalry and rightly so. It burns like no other. Every fan has deep hate for the other team. Still, there’s another school in the Triangle that we Tar Heels beef with, State. We even have a cozy place for the Wolfpack in our fight song. While Carolina is the better institution (by far), the rivalry is longstanding. While Dook is 8 miles down the road, State is 20. Still too close for comfort if you ask me. We mainly match up against them in football, since Dook has perpetually sucked in that sport and forever will. Looking forward to another UNC win, I leave you with the following…

Top 10 Reasons for Attending NC State University:

  1. There were too many big words in the Carolina application.
  2. I heard they were offering Tractor Pull 101 next semster.
  3. I really like penitentiary style architecture.
  4. They wouldn’t let me graze my cows in Kenan Stadium.
  5. State issued a special parking permit for my Monster Truck.
  6. There ain’t no spittoons in Carolina’s classrooms.
  7. Low student to animal ratio.
  8. “Raise hell! Raise hell!”
  9. Help keep Chapel Hill beautiful.
  10. I got me a Billy Joe Bob Scholarship for the academically impaired.


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W, 101-87

Not to be forgotten, the Lady Tar Heels beat those Blue Devil Banshees 75-60. Carolina rolled 8 miles up the road to Durham, kicked ass and left those “Crazies” crying blue streaks down their faces. Awesome.



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Party like a Tar Heel

Stumbled upon the blog Life Beyond the Well

You guys know I’m a total stan for my alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill. Why? Well, it’s kind of hard to put into words. You just have to be a Tar Heel to understand. The following is just one of the many reasons I’d go back 9 years and choose Carolina all over again (9 years?).

On Dec. 9th, 2008 in order to break up the stresses of fall semester exam week, UNC students flash raved their Undergraduate Library. Without warning to those that were unaware, hundreds of students packed the library lobby and brought it hardcore for over 8 minutes.

LOL @ the look on the staff’s faces and homegirl falling trying to body surf the crowd. Those are the hazards you risk! I got all hype around 3.44 when they broke out the “Tar Heel” chant and Fight Song!


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I bleed blue: A “period” piece, Pt. I

“We bleed blue” is a common sentiment espoused by Tar Heel fans. If you check this blog with any regularity, you know that I bleed bluer than a chainsaw massacre at Smurf Village. Other than that (and the occasional reference to nobility), “blue blood” just makes me think of those silly feminine hygiene commercials that use the thin blue liquid to compare absorbencies. As thoughts in my head tend to jump from one to the next rather quickly, I started to think about my disdain for the feminine hygiene industry.

The so-called feminine hygiene industry is so freaking insulting to me. The whole business is predicated on society’s belief that women are nasty, dirty beings who need to be secreted away and disinfected. So much could be said about this. People write their theses on the subject. Books sit in libraries and on Barnes & Noble shelves on the issue. There’s a documented history of how the industry contributes to the warping of the female mind, particularly the impressionable minds of young girls. I can’t and will not go into all of that here. Instead, I’ll just focus on a couple of points relating to one’s period: Cleanliness (part I) and Secrecy (part II). Continue reading


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So this morning I had to take the Multistate Professional Responsiblity Exam (MPRE). It’s administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners and every state (except 2) make you submit MPRE scores in order to be admitted to the Bar.

That test sucked royally. WOW. First of all, I had to go to hell Camden to take the exam. I asked to take the test at MY law school, but it got full (how the hell are there not enough spots at the law school for everyone there who wants to take it?). So I had to get a ride from a friend over the bridge to sit for the exam. The room reminded me of my high school lunchroom. Cinder-block walls. Little L-shaped desks. Bad lighting. I went to the exam without eating anything. I was just rushed with all I had to do that morning. So all during the thing my stomach was growling. LOUDLY. I was kind of embarrassed because as you can imagine the room was dead silent. It’s been forever since I took an exam where you actually needed a #2 pencil and had to fill in little bubbles marked a,b,c, and d. The whole damn thing was so… regulated. Read the instructions together. Do not open the test booklet until instructed. Blah blah. I thought law school exams were weird, but I guess I’m used to it. I haven’t taken a standardized test since the LSAT and that was over 8 years ago! Continue reading


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Water is wet, Clay Aiken is gay, and…

The University of North Carolina  Tar Heels are pegged #1 and Tyler Hansbrough predicted as National Player of the Year in Blue Ribbon’s Preseason Poll. What else is new?

The 2008-09 edition of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook will be available on newsstands and at bookstores soon, and the respected annual has named North Carolina as the top team in the nation in its preseason poll.

Blue Ribbon also picked Carolina to win the Atlantic Coast Conference for a third consecutive season and named Tar Heel senior Tyler Hansbrough as its preseason ACC and National Player of the Year.

Hansbrough, the consensus National Player of the Year last season, heads Blue Ribbon’s first-team All-America squad, joining Blake Griffin (Oklahoma), Luke Harangody (Notre Dame), Darren Collison (UCLA) and Stephen Curry (Davidson). The second team is Tyler Smith (Tennessee), Tyrese Rice (Boston College), Sam Young (Pittsburgh), James Harden (Arizona State) and Damion James (Texas). The third team includes Duke’s Kyle Singler and Miami’s Jack McClinton.

Carolina tops Blue Ribbon’s preseason national poll and is one of three ACC teams in the poll. Duke comes in at No. 8 and Miami is No. 14. Other 2008-09 UNC opponents in the Blue Ribbon preseason poll include possible Maui Invitational opponents Notre Dame (No. 3) and Texas (No. 10) and ACC/Big Ten Challenge foe Michigan State (No. 13).

Blue Ribbon’s predicted order of finish in the ACC for 2008-09 is Carolina in first place, followed by Duke, Miami, Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Maryland, NC State, Boston College and Virginia.*

DUH! While you all go ga-ga over baseball and football, I’m just biding my time and saving up my energy for Carolina basketball. No one on the court got swagger like us.

Barack Obama approves this message.

*Source: Tarheelblue.com

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Spotlight: Goddess Zuri

Au Naturel

PREFACE: You may not know it, but Bourgie is a natural gal. I mean, besides a little hair color, my hair is noy chemically processed. I went natural in college, junior year. Cut off my shoulder-length, permed hair and traded it in for a few inches of curly, kinky coils. That was just when folks in NC started catching on. See, many of us Black women have no real memory of our hair in its unprocessed state. I know I had a perm in 2nd grade then, (don’t laugh) a curl. Yeah, you laughed anyway. I was nervous at first, to rock the new style. Then I found joy in running my hands over and through my hair and feeling the wavy kinks. It had life. Character. Style!

However, I like to switch the style up (like Banks told me). Now I primarily wear my hair blown and pressed a la the Dominicans. Still, whenever I’m nostalgic for that yummy feeling of touching my OWN natural texture I wash and wear.

Goddess Zuri

Spotlight: Celebrating that life, character, style and pizazz that natural hair projects is a line of apparel and accessories called Goddess Zuri. As GZ’s creator, Candace says, “Goddess Zuri products are designed to celebrate natural beauty with edge, attitude and confidence.” Honestly, who doesn’t like a cool, funky tee?

I’m getting one. This stuff is Bourgie Approved™! Please check out the site and the merchandise. The site features “Beau-Tees”, “Royal-Tees” and “Naugh-Tees”. You can guess which are my favorites. One hot “Naugh-Tee” is simply known as “Big”, allowing the wearer to proclaim her um, preference. LOL.

Here’s a peek:

As a future lawyer, I feel like it is my duty to admit any possible bias before putting you on to Goddess Zuri. If you ever check out my “about me” section, you’ll know that I went to UNC Chapel Hill for undergrad. What you don’t know is that I met the creator of Goddess Zuri there, we lived in the same suite freshman year! I just found out about her business endeavors a little while ago and bookmarked the page. Now I’m sharing it with you, not because I used to share a bathroom with the creator (who is a great person and never left her shower caddy in the way), but because she has some cool products to offer with a great message: natural beauty is where it’s at. That being said, Go HEELS!

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So I didn’t go to an HBCU…


I sometimes wonder where I would be doing with my life had I gone to Hampton University in VA instead of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in NC. When I was applying to college, I knew that I wanted to go to the South, try someplace new. I had gone on those HBCU college tours and visited Hampton. We went to Howard first and I just knew I couldn’t be there. It seemed like too much fun, too distracting. I wasn’t confident that I could focus at Howard. Hampton seemed like Howard-lite. HBCU right on the water, quieter campus, nice facilities. I thought I could work with that. I got into all the schools I applied to, it’s just that Carolina took a very long time to send the acceptance letter. Since I didn’t want to wait until the last minute and I had visited Hampton (while I had never been to UNC), I sent my deposit to HU. It didn’t hurt that HU gave me a full 4-year scholarship (incl room, board and a computer). After I sent my deposit and got a roommate assigned, the letter from UNC arrived. I told my grandfather I wanted to go to Carolina and even though the deposit at HU was non-refundable, we kicked out another couple hundred dollars to send to UNC. A few months later, sight unseen, I rolled down to Chapel Hill for four years.

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I’m all tingly inside!

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in FOREVER

My white-haired boo Roy and my Boo-In-Chief Barack!

Tuesday morning, Obama stopped by Basketball Heaven, aka UNC Chapel Hill, to shoot some hoops. The NYT has the haps.

I swear, if I wasn’t already voting for Obama I’d sure as hell do it now. Hillary ain’t rockin’ with the ‘Heels so I can’t rock with her. Then again, Bill Clinton tried to pull on my Carolina heartstrings years ago. I have a picture (sorry it’s not scanned) of Clinton holding a customized Carolina basketball jersey with his name on the back. It hangs in the halls of the Dean E. Smith Center/Dean Dome. Eh, fugg it, he’s a loser.

Check the 4min of video footage at WRAL. At least we know Barack’s better at basketball than he is at BOWLING!

Obama even picked Carolina to win the tourney (see his bracket)! Granted, we all know what tragedy that turned out to be, but he knows what’s up. I think there’s an Obama-Edwards ticket in the future. In case you didn’t know, John Edwards is a Carolina alum.

For all those questioning Barack’s “blackness” tell me, what’s blacker than basketball AND giving dap?

Danny Green and Barack Obama

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This can’t be life…

This morning I’m in North Carolina visiting friends and taking a break now that classes are over. I woke up, turned on the television and saw THIS:

Hansbrough Returning For Senior Season

Bittersweet. Bitter because we’re losing the best point guard in the country along with Young Weezy (Wayne Ellington) a talented addition to Carolina’s roster. Sweet, however, because Tyler loves Carolina and understands that staying is best for him AND for my sanity. The article, from TarHeelBlue.com, is available after the jump. please send your condolences to a diehard Carolina fan!

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