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Turkey Day

1. Nope. No plans. Sitting home by myself. I think throughout the day, as things come to mind, I might add to this post. The very first thing I thought of was how I prefer the canned, jellied cranberry sauce to the “real” stuff. Not very bourgie, I know, but my whole life, I’ve had canned cranberry sauce. On occasion, I’ve had the opportunity to taste someone’s homemade sauce and I just hate it. It’s too chunky, too tart, and where are the damned RINGS? Sorry, but that canned stuff just goes so well when you get a little bit on your fork with some stuffing or potatoes or turkey. Of course you don’t have to let it sit there, straight up looking just like a can. A proper presentation requires the log of sauce to be sliced! Get jazzy, even, and cut it up into little triangles! A friend told me he’d bring me a plate by later. My only request: Do not being me any “real” cranberry sauce!

2. So I’ve been seeing folks’ tweets on Twitter about how they’re getting ready to eat. It’s like nearly 6pm right now! Back when my family used to do Thanksgiving, we’d be eating by 2pm or somebody was going to get shot. My grandma used to go all out. We’d do the traditional Thanksgiving stuff. She’d also make what seemed like a grillion pies. We never got around together and sat at a table. We only had a small kitchen table with two chairs anyway. No dining room at all. Folks would just mill about in the kitchen, making their own plate and then catch a seat wherever they could. It wasn’t bad though, there weren’t a lot of us. Most you’d have would be my grandma, mom, me, aunt, uncle, and give or take a couple of boyfriends/girlfriends of those folks along the way. There was so much food and so little space to set it out, that my grandma would set up the ironing board against a wall in the kitchen and then set pots and platters on top of that. Yep, we’d eat rather early, then sit around and chill. Maybe eat again later. When I got a little older, the early “dinner” was good because it gave me time to go around to my friends’ houses and eat there. Funny, when I was young I could eat Thanksgiving dinner like 4 times. Now, after one go I’m out for the count.

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