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Throwback tune

Yesterday, I was at a Memorial Day BBQ with my girls from way back. After stuffing ourselves, playing some Taboo and several drinks, we sat back and listened to some 90s music. In honor of all the fun I had yesterday and reminiscing about the grown-ass songs we had no business singing as teens, here’s an oldie but goodie.


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Am I the only one who still listens to Immature? Is it odd that I have several Immature jams on my ipizzle? Well if that’s wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!

I do think it’s funny though, in retrospect, that these lil boys were singing their hearts out in the sand. Oh and I know Batman/Marcus and Romeo, but um, who was that third kid again? Wonder what he’s doing in life.

Who authorized a straight up permed-bob for that lil boy though? I can’t clap to that.


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candle on the dashboard

Unhhh. Gimme a hug.


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Who’s that girl?

Somebody out there knows the answer to these questions. I’ve been trying to figure it out since probably the 8th grade.

What is the name of the blonde chick in all of these videos? What is she doing now? How did she get so popular in the video circuit? How come she can’t really dance?

@ 2:08 – She first shows up dancing in the bathroom with Fatimah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
All through the vid in the gold dress next to Big Lez.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Right in the opening. You get the point now.

Feel free to point out other videos she was in. There are a lot from the ’94-’99 period but I’m drawing a blank.


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Can we talk?

While listening to my roomie’s iPod on shuffle just a little while ago, I immediately I thought of one of my very first boyfriends. Let’s call him Aaron. Quick story: I first met Aaron through his cousin who was one of my best friends. We were all at one of those school concerts in middle school. You know, the ones where the band plays some lame songs and the chorus sings some lame songs all dressed in white tops and dark bottoms? I played the clarinet, by the way. Anyway, my girl (calling her Kira) was there and her family came to see her sing in the chorus. When it was all over we milled about near the school entrance.

I think how it happened was that Kira brought Aaron over to meet our other girlfriend (calling her Nia) who played the flute in the band with me. Standing there next to Nia, I was all googly eyed over Aaron. At that moment, “Can We Talk” started blaring from some nearby car and I thought, oh, this is too crazy right now! It never worked out with Aaron and Nia, not even for a little bit. Aaron and I, however, ended up dating (or “going together” as we preferred to call it) for a little while. After a while we broke up. I think it had something to do with him hanging out with older people and me not having sex with him. Who knows. What I DO know is that he went on to date like two more of Kira’s friends. It was no big deal. He would always ask about me. I’m pretty sure he even tried to marry me after he became Muslim. LOL. We may not have married bliss but we sure do have a song.

It’s such a good fucking song! Continue reading

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Flashback: 1995

Okay, 1995 was a hell of a year in my life. I was a freshman in high school. During the day, was busting out honors-level classes, playing varsity sports, singing in musicals (drama club) and being a perfect student. At night, I was running the streets with my friends, getting into all kinds of grown-folk trouble. Among my friends from back home, ’95 is notorious for many reasons.

1995 was also the year I got punched in the face for the first time. Here’s how it all went down:

First let me say that I really had nothing to do with the beef in the first place. I was friends with a girl I’ll call Consuela. We were tight since 5th grade. Anyway, Consuela had this neighbor and for some reason, they didn’t like each other very much. Her neighbor was a grown man, by the way. I guess the animosity between them escalated and he wanted to go after Consuela. However, being a grown man he couldn’t really step to her himself. So he did what anybody in the hood would do – he called his female cousin. Now, I knew Consuela had some issues with her neighbor. We’ve had enough run ins with him whenever I was over there to visit. We didn’t know that he had sent smoke signals to the projects calling for troops.

So on that day in 1995, I was sitting on Consuela’s stoop like I’d usually do, shooting the shit with her and a guy from across the street. While chillin’, we saw this gang of big, rough looking chicks round the corner. I swear, I can see it in my mind’s eye right now. The neighbor came out on the porch and was all “yeah, now let’s see how much mouth you got,” directed at Consuela. I’m kind of looking around, not fully understanding what’s about to take place. In a strange move, Consuela goes into the house. Later on, I found out that she had gone into the house to call our homegirls as backup. If you’re following along, you know that I’m outside, alone, with an angry neighbor and a gaggle of shrek bitches.  Continue reading


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Something In My Heart

I love this song. Came on the shuffle this morning and it was all I could do to keep from bursting out in song on the Broad Street Line.
Little voice, big singer Michel’le was so cute back in the day. Wonder what she’s doing now?


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“Nika” – [Destination Brooklyn-’94]

I had this on cassette. I wore it out.

Lil’ Vicious THEN and “Don Vicious” NOW . Oh, how I miss 1994.


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Play my funk

So I stumbled upon this vid/song again after who knows how many years, right. I had to click on it because I remember it being a good song, but I couldn’t really recall how it went. It’s from the Sugar Hill Sdtk, by the way.

As soon as the track started I could recall ALL of the words. Yo. This jawn knocked, even though I didn’t ans still don’t know what the hell she was really talking about. I mean WTF? I can’t stop laughing and hitting rewind.

Adapt to my taps, I’m two snaps
I’m too through, ooh, I’m too through
I kicks butt, strut as I gluts for fame
And goes ‘can’t nobody hold me’

Whatever happened to her?

Sidenote:I remember my girl LaQuea used to rock that same synthetic braid bob. I had it once. No I didn’t put cowrie shells in ’em, just those gold cuff-looking things! That’s Quea at the bottom in the hat and purple pants:

Back in the Day

By the way, I’m not in this pic. I’m taking it. Rest assured, however, that I looked as jacked up as the rest of them chicks. Just a comment about this photo… the date looks like 6/5/95. Why the hell are Quea, Carmelita and Nadia dressed like it’s November and Beverlee’s looking all summertime? LMAO!!

Sidenote 2: Simple E. I’m not a fan of using the word simple to describe yourself. I don’t think of simple as in uncomplicated. I think simple as in stupid.


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This track is nasty like pornography…

This song still cranks, in my opinion. Don’t let it come on in the car!

[Dailymotion id=x1ls7f]

Nah, wait. Don’t let THIS jam come on in the car! I LOVE this track…

I miss these three sisters from Vegas. 702 had a great sound for the 90s. They were great when partnered with Missy as evidenced by Steelo and by Missy’s Beep Me 911, like one of her best songs ever. Magoo only added to the mix. Hot video too.

*sigh* I miss fat Missy. :(

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