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African-American Studies

or Afro-American Studies or Africana Studies or Black studies. WhatEVER! The discipline has different names at different institutions. That was my undergraduate major (techinically African and African-American Studies). When I decided to major in Afam (as we called it), people questioned my choice. “What are you going to do with that? Be a teacher?” and they belittled the work that I did. “Oh, that’s the easy major. That’s the one all the atheletes choose.” My response: “Negro, please.”

I actually think that’s kind of rude and pretty ignorant. While the discipline of Afam Studies is fairly new in relation to English Literature and not as clear a path to a particular career like Computer Science, that doesn’t mean that it’s just some bullshit major. I chose Afam after taking some classes in the department. I was really intrigued and figured I’d do better in school if I majored in something that was actually interesting. Prior to that, I was a journalism major with a minor in French.

I was in the Dunkin’ Donuts the other day and overheard two folks discussing Black Studies (as they called it). They were grad students. The girl voiced her frustration with people discounting Black Studies as just a “program” at the school. She referred to it as a discipline and went on about it being a legitimate piece of academia, even moreso important because of its activist component. What she meant was, not only does Black Studies foster academic growth and discussion like any other discipline, but it kind of calls for its students to put what they learn into practice or invest their intellectual capital back into the community. At least that has been my experience.

At Carolina, the mission of the African/African American Studies Department is as follows: Continue reading



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Like I needed another reason to love UNC

Anyone who knows me knows that I ride HOARD for my alma mater. I have good reason to do so, but I won’t go on and on about all of that right now. I’ll save that for the High Holiday, aka March Madness (*makes sign of the interlocking NC across heart*)

I’ll just clap to beloved Tar Heel and legendary basketball coach Dean Smith for lending his celebrity to the message that, SURPRISE! Democrats are religious too!

Granted, I’m a little late as the ad was part of a 2006 campaign by Devout Democrats, a political action committee based in Chapel Hill, NC. In case you can’t see the print very well, the ad features Dean Smith against a Carolina blue sky. Above his picture, it proclaims in big bold letters: “American Baptist Devout Democrat.” In the middle, the ad quotes Smith as saying, “I’m a lifelong Baptist and vote for Democrats. One reason? Democrats are serious about alleviating poverty.”

I think this is a great message. I’m not religious by any stretch of the word, but I do realize how important religion is to a great many people in America. It’s definitely important enough to shape the political views of most folks. That being said, I think this message is important in an election year such as this one. Opponents of the Democratic party often try to paint us as wildly different from Conservatives, Republicans and the “religious right.” I’m guessing they do that by propogating the idea that we’re all crazy atheists hell bent on taking the country to hell in a papier-mache airplane made out of American tax dollars.

Well, the Democratic party is not homogeneous. There are those who find their religious values and their political views totally compatible. Take NC Democratic chairman Jerry Meek, who said, “When you think about the Bible, what we [Democrats] stand for is right on message with Christian values,” referring to such issues as poverty, health care and the environment.
Source: NC Democratic Party.


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I’m all tingly inside!

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in FOREVER

My white-haired boo Roy and my Boo-In-Chief Barack!

Tuesday morning, Obama stopped by Basketball Heaven, aka UNC Chapel Hill, to shoot some hoops. The NYT has the haps.

I swear, if I wasn’t already voting for Obama I’d sure as hell do it now. Hillary ain’t rockin’ with the ‘Heels so I can’t rock with her. Then again, Bill Clinton tried to pull on my Carolina heartstrings years ago. I have a picture (sorry it’s not scanned) of Clinton holding a customized Carolina basketball jersey with his name on the back. It hangs in the halls of the Dean E. Smith Center/Dean Dome. Eh, fugg it, he’s a loser.

Check the 4min of video footage at WRAL. At least we know Barack’s better at basketball than he is at BOWLING!

Obama even picked Carolina to win the tourney (see his bracket)! Granted, we all know what tragedy that turned out to be, but he knows what’s up. I think there’s an Obama-Edwards ticket in the future. In case you didn’t know, John Edwards is a Carolina alum.

For all those questioning Barack’s “blackness” tell me, what’s blacker than basketball AND giving dap?

Danny Green and Barack Obama

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