Women be shoppin’!

At least that’s what Milton Bradley and other game manufacturers must think. I was in Toys R Us earlier this week looking around. Brought back a lot of memories going down the aisles and looking at all the new toys they have. I had to go by the board games and check out the wares. This is what I found…

They will sell our girls the same old regular shit with a coat of pink paint and make money hand over fist! Worst part about it, if I was a pre-teen, I’d be DYING for that pink Ouija Board! SMH @ gender roles/stereotypes.


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8 responses to “Women be shoppin’!

  1. bbb

    this reminds me of the mid 90’s when companies started releasing ‘afrocentric’ products that were just the same old regular shit with a non matching ass kinte cloth print on it.

    negros be shoppin

  2. whitraye

    Women be shoppin! LOL!!

  3. I think that a lot of companies did a “pink” campaign for breast cancer month. Now I’m not sure if these game companies participated in that but, a lot of other companies did that.

  4. @ GlennishaMorgan
    See, I don’t think this is BC stuff because the names of the games appeal to girls (like “chic”, “princess” and “girl talk”). Besides, I don’t know if teen girls playing twister are really the target audience for BC Awareness (although maybe they ought to be).

  5. Ken Drizzle

    Chess for girls!

    lol – best snl ad ever.

  6. bubblin brown shuga

    the boxes have white girls on them so its not “women” as much as it is white women. i wonder what color the black girl products would be. im guessing something in a kool aid red/magenta.

    • LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

      bubblin brown shuga,
      you are runnin through my blog, reading EVERYTHING and I appreciate it!
      funny too.

  7. bubblin' brown shuga

    sorry….or youre welcome…….whichever applies….lol

    this is the funniest site ive ever found. its gonna be on once i really learn how to navigate it and get me one of them blue lines.

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