Spotlight: StopNReflect

LOL @ this blog StopNReflect. I remember last summer when I was working downtown in Philly I was taking all kinds of covert camera phone pictures of fashion failures. Folks were getting on me saying it was mean and whatnot but damn they came out like that! Now I’ve found a kindred spirit whose camphone captures folks who should have stopped and reflected on what they were doing before leaving the crib… or at the very least should stop and look at their reflection between closet and the streets of NYC. Apparently the blog author is a law student so I wonder what that says about people in our profession? Hmm…

Some personal WTF faves below but be sure to check the site yourself.



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3 responses to “Spotlight: StopNReflect

  1. See… SOMEONE has to document these things.
    How else will we as humans know that which is offensive and illogical?

    Also, I think those who practice and refine law have a natural desire to correct others.

    Don’t feel bad.

  2. trE

    LOL… I agree w/ Ihsan, it makes sense that the author of that blog would be a law-student or someone practicing law… These photos are hilarious.

  3. canwepleasestopandreflect

    Thank you :) Finding this unexpected plug blatantly made my day!

    And I am glad there are other law students out there with both a fashion and a social conscious. Your blog is great, and I see a lot of other pages I will be checking out on your blog roll.

    Oh and if you see anymore egregious fashion choices, take a picture of that mess (without shame) and send it to and I will feature it as a guest submission!

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