How not to save a seat

This is kinda crazy in light of my previous post but isn’t this just the way life works? So after work last night, I headed out to meet someone for a networking type deal. We were going to have drinks somewhere in the city, talk and all that stuff. So when C and I meet up, she asks if I’m okay going to Bump for drinks. See, she had to ask because Bump is a gay bar and well, some people aren’t cool with that. HOWEVER, Bump also has $3 cocktails (good ones too) from 5-7pm. I’ve been to Bump before and I have no prob drinkin’ with the Kids, so I was like cool.

So we get to the spot and pull up to the bar. There are tons of seats in the place, but the bar is kinda full. Oh, but look, two seats open! Score! C and I take a seat and order a couple of drinks to make the 7pm cutoff. Strangely, though, there’s a glass sitting on the bar right at my seat. It’s pretty full and has a napkin over it. Hmm, could be that someone was sitting here and just got up really quickly or something and this is how they’re preserving their drink? I don’t know. I just pushed it back a little bit and set about chatting.

About 15-20 minutes go by and I’m feeling kind of good, ya know. All of a sudden two dudes and a chick roll up. The one tall guy is standing right behind me and is talking to his buddies, but clearly intending me to hear:

“That’s my drink right there. This is my seat. I put my drink there to save my seat.” So now I’m looking at C like, I know this fool ain’t crazy and I KNOW he ain’t hinting at me moving!!! Now the guy addresses me directly, “That’s my drink.” So I reply, “Oh? Well do you want to get it?” and I move back a little bit so he can reach the glass. His guy pal says something like, “Are you serious, don’t do this. Don’t make her move.” The girl is silent. Dude is STILL standing there and we had a mini stand-off. I was NOT planning on moving. What the fuck, dude? You really think you saved your seat at this bar by putting a napkin over your glass and leaving it unattended for like 20 minutes?!!! What part of the game is that?

C decides that I should just move. “Here, take my seat,” she says. I hesitate. I’m not about to be moved because of this dumb shit. I mean, it’s the principle, right? BUT… my better sense kicks in. This is a networking outing, after all. This woman is an attorney and in charge of an organization that I am trying to get involved in. I do not need to wild out in a gay bar over a bar stool. So I moved.

I am still heated about that shit, yall. In retrospect, it was probably best not to try and rumble with a queen in a gay bar. He looked like he could get an attitude just as quickly as I could. Plus, there’s no telling who had his back in there (no pun intended).


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2 responses to “How not to save a seat

  1. Hell no
    there is no seat saving at the bar period, let alone 20 mins

  2. Dee

    Hell no you move you will lose your seat besides who leaves their drink unattended?..however since you were on a networking thing it probably was for the best not to get rowdy.

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