It’s Dark & Hell is Still Hot

Oh, No. Thats how Ruff Ryders Roll!

Oh, No. That's how Ruff Ryders Roll!

DMX shole is crazy.
Why can’t that negro learn to just chill out? What kind of demons is he battling deep down in his soul? We knew homeboy was “tortured” for a while now, ever since that first album. He was talking to himself on the record. Praying. Barking like an idiot. Grrrrrrrrr (It was hot, though). Who knew that Vanessa Bell Calloway’s “Whatever you like” scene in Coming to America was a precursor to ’98 Hip-Hop?

I think I’d like to have DMX as a client. He sure would make me look good, seeing as it’s easy as hell to get him off. He has been given more chances than a little bit. He gets arrested for animal cruelty, guns, drugs, speeding, violation of probation, parking in a handicapped spot (YO! They really stop you for that? Damn I thought that was the strip mall security guard’s domain!), and missing court dates.

I started to think how I miss the old DMX. The one who just talked about ATF bustin in his door instead of the Earl Simmons we see plastered all over TMZ – mug shots looking terrible.
Back in high school I was a cheerleader and also on the step team. I remember sitting around at practices for both, someone would always have a radio there, and we had that It’s Dark… CD in HEAVY rotation. HEAVY.

Plenty of faves on that record but I like to look back and laugh at myself when I think of “How’s it Goin’ Down.” Maybe it was the mellow tune but I think that in my youth and ignorance I thought that song was quite endearing. I still kind of think so (in a way). Sure, it starts out all hilarious fucked up:

I don’t believe it.
Whose d**k you suckin’?

Don’t call me with that b******t, alright
You lyin’. You lyin’ to me, B
Yeah exactly
Whose d**k you suckin’? C’mon, B. I just heard some shit about you. Some foul shit, the f**k is the deal?
Suck my f****n’ d**k you b***hass nigga, I don’t –
No you explain it to me, b***h, you know what I’m talkin’ about
I don’t know nobody up here, I don’t f**k with nobody up here and I ain’t been f****n’ with nobody up here. I don’t know nobody in f****n’ Yonkers.
Lyin’ ass b***h, you ain’t shit. Do I gotta holler his name too?
Who the f**k is he?!!
B***h you f****n’ him.

And yeah, it’s about DMX and some hoodrat chick fuckin’ around. She makes runs for him. He threatens her babydaddy. Mad love boo, to the end!

See, back then that all made sense. That was the reality for a lot of people I knew. My peers. We had boyfriends who sold drugs. I would visit my boyfriend in jail, or bring him video games when he was on house arrest. We even thought the main chick in the video had a hot style. Chopsticks in the hair? Slicked back ‘do? Big gold earrings? Two long ponytails? Sheeeeeeeeit. That was fiyah!
I could go on, but I feel another post coming up on that later on.

Oh, the ignorance of youth.

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