Miss Rap Supreme, Ep. 4

Last week, Lionezz was told to “Step Off!”

This week the femcees  get pointers from John Singleton about being on stage. As soon as John asks if anyone has acted before, Chiba raises her hand like lightening, talking about, “I’m actually in 3 upcoming films!” Batch, please. Films? Oh you do porn? That’s wussup. 

Anyway, Serch tells the women they’ve got 30 min to rehearse Hip Hop Hamlet. *slaps head* Yeah, it’s a hip hop spin on Hamlet. Shakespeare is clawing out of his coffin right now.  Is it telling that John Singleton asked if everyone could read when handing out the scripts? I think so. Chiba, our resident lesbian thespian, decides to don an English accent on stage. “To be or not to be? That is the question. You know whatimsayin?” Yowza! This challenge’s winners: Nicky2States (who has been killing the challenge game lately along with cornering the market on babyhair) and Lady Twist.

Oh, of course, there’s more beef between Byata and Chiba. It’s sweet that Twist wants to play peacemaker,  but this show isn’t about peace and tranquility. This show is about drama and comedy. Comedy is what the FUCK I got when Twist took to drinking Goose straight up to avoid the pain of all the drama in the crib. Then she drunk dials her girlfriend and says she might be going home soon on some crazy foreshadowing shit. Thanks a lot, VH1. 

As team captains, Nicky and Twist have to guide their crews to the game of dance! 60 min to come up with a verse, hook and a dance using only original choreography. Team Nicky comes up with their hook and dance really quickly, “Stir it up!” while winding it down. Not bad, actually. Team Twist, however… well Chiba is taking over and stuntin’ the group’s progress. Twist’s size (am I not supposed to toalk about that?) is keeping her from “sweeping the flo'” and keeping up with the routine. She, however, chalks it up to not wanting to sweep floors. She IS, afterall, a rapper!

Team Twist was disorganized and seriously held back by the fact that Twist can’t twist at all. Seeing Bree have a stroke krump was a bit too much for the kid. Even Serch said she came off desperate.

Now, I might be partial to Team Nicky because of the “shout out” she gave. Peep her verse:

Nicky like to move her ass around I know it’s kinda little, but it don’t really matter cuz it’s how you work the middle/ And I can work the middle I can move my ass like Jello. I can move it to the music, can move it acapella/ I can move it like I’m BOURGIE, I can move it like I’m ghetto. Can move it my sneakers, can move it in stilettos/ No matter how I give it to you I betchu I can handle it, can slow it down a little, could do it with my hands on it. 

Um, I can’t lie. I thought their team had what could actually be a song getting play on the radio. Then again, that bar ain’t set too high as it is. Of course, Chiba hating. The winner… TEAM NICKY2STATES! Duh. This week, Rece ends up with the Salt N Pepa suite where Thugg Crooner (the R&B Outlaw) was waiting for her. It was beautiful yall. Check it:

I love your teeth girl, look like a walrus/I love your feet girl, they rough like a corn husk/ I love the way you laugh, sound like a sea otter/ when you take a bubble bath, smell like hot dog water/ Whoaaaaa Yeahhhhh!

Alright, now for elimination. Chiba, Bree, Miss Cherry and Twist are on the chopping block. The femcees must write a 16 about drama they’ve experienced, dedicating at least 4 bars to drama that relates to the house. The ladies did their respective thangs, but Chiba faltered and really didn’t stick to the subject matter, IMO. 

In the end, Yo-Yo and Serch weren’t feeling Lady Twist. Surprise. I’m sure we’re in store for more Chiba v. Everyone drama next week! Yayyyy!

P.S. I think I want some of those pink glasses that Rece Steele rocks.



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