I Want to Work for Diddy – Finale!

I started out having no ego. A lot of peole see where I am now and they think it was given to me.
– The Tao of Diddy

Sorry it took a little while for me to get to this. Spent two hours watching Hip Hop Honors. Now I don’t even know why. It was alright but I wasn’t really impressed with the overall show. Now, I can get to the IW2W4D Finale!

Last week was hot because we saw the PA hopefulls flail on their first day at Bad Boy. Poprah got her shit READ by Diddy himself.

Yo. the look on Kim’s face when Diddy hit her with the, “thank you for applying for the position” line was pure confusion. She was flabbergasted. THEN, after she tried to explain herself, she came up with the real reason Diddy cancelled her: She’s overqualified for the position. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Okay. NOW the personal assistant position is a waste of her time. Poprah/Kim, spare me. You were so gung ho about this position ALL season long. Now that you’ve gotten the boot, working for Diddy is bullshit? I can’t believe how some people can convince themselves of anything. Overqualified?

Anywhoo. The Janelle Monae challenge continued: Put on a showcase. Looks like it went off without a hitch.

Like the wise man Teddy Riley once said. It. Ain’t. Over. Mission 10 jumps off: Present Your Case & Get The Job! The remaining 3 (Mike, Stef and Suzanne) must give a presentation to Diddy explaining why they should be the one to get the job and bring 3 items which represent what they will bring to Bad Boy. Kind of like show and tell, but for reality television.

I love interviews. I shine in an interview. Just get me in the room and I’m going to let this Bourgie Charm work it’s magic. So I was hoping they went in there and ripped it. Mike got up 1st. His message centered around him growing up as a knuckle-head from the Bronx who has drive and a passion to succeed.
Suzanne focused on a dream, Diddy’s dream, that she is committed to achieving as well.
Stefanie relied on the element of surprise. She promised that she would surprise Diddy if he hired her. He was surprised, alright, by the Jack-In-The-Box type of toy she brought as one of her items. Diddy hilariously felt like the monkey popping out of the box looked like a little Sambo and told her to put it away. SUPRISE NIGGA! Judging by the smile on her face, I don’t think she even knew what a Sambo was. I don’t think she’s ready to work for Diddy, yall. Diddy didn’t think so either. Bye Stef.

Left with Mike and Suzanne, Diddy was ready to go on vacation. Derrick, his stylist, directed Mike and Suzanne to pack the clothes without wrinkling them or crushing his hats… in an hour. About 25 pieces of luggage needed to get filled so Mr. Combs could diddy bop in Cannes. Once the pair lugged all the bags to the airport and loaded up the private jet, Diddy, Phil Robinson and Capricorn landed in a helicopter. Elimination right on the runway!!

Their weaknesses pointed out (Mike needs to grow up and Suzanne needs to learn how to run with the bad boys) they know that only one of them will get on the plane to Cannes.

Diddy: “Suzanne, you ready to come make some history with me? Congratulations.”

JAW DROP. I really thought Mike was going to get it. I know that brother is heartbroken because I could tell he really put it all in there. And to just watch that plane take off? Ugh.

Oop… back to Teddy Riley. It. Ain’t. Over. PARTY AIN’T OVER! Diddy stopped the plane and brought Mike on board. Diddy: “I got like 10 companies. Means I got a lot of room. Won’t you come with us?”

Now that’s an ending worthy of Sean Combs. It made me smile. I think Suzanne’s a bit dry, but she does have a good head on her shoulders. Mike is the spunk and sass of the two. Together they might actually add to Bad Boy. Hopefully now Mike has time to get a haircut, cuz he was looking peasy as hell on the finale.

Hmm, now what show will I keep tabs on for yall now?

Oh, and if you can’t get enough Poprah, I’m sure she’ll be around. In the meantime, You can buy Poprah’s single, “Up In The Club” at myspace.com/therealpoprah and check out her big girl clothing line at fatabulousclothing.com!


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12 responses to “I Want to Work for Diddy – Finale!

  1. Raphael

    I watched the finale, and was really into it because I still had last week in my mind when “Poprah” answered Diddy “I can’t invent ya’lls list”, and he looked at her and ended it with “Well I need to hire somebody who can invent my list” (or something like that), and she was looking up at him all bewildered like ‘what do you mean I’m not ready to work for Didddy?!! Don’t you know who I am?! I’m “Poprah.” Well, no!! In the end you were just Kim. And definitely the show goes on. I thought Steph was doing ok in the interview until the monkey “Sambo” in a box (yeah, suprise ni&&a). I thought that if anybody was going to be alright employment-wise it would be Suzanne (MBA). I think just about anybody who’s a multi-tasker, motivated, and a go-getter could do the job once they get over the initial shock of here’s Diddy in front of you. I mean if I get your daily newspapers, who knows that you want me to pick out stories that update you on world events, unless you tell me. But it was cool at the end when he stopped the plane and told Mike to come on board. That was definitely for dramatic effect. It’s like being a Donald Trump”apprentice”, opportunity of a life time – just soak in all the knowledge you can.

  2. I missed the first ten minutes but saw the rest of the show last night. I was glad they the showcase went off without a hitch.

    And Steph surprised me with that dang on jack in the box. I can’t believe she thought having and wanting to provide an element of suprise would get her the job. She needed more work experience before she could be work for the likes of Diddy.

    I too thought Mike would be the chosen one. But then as Phil pointed out Mike had a tendency put his own ambition at the forefront.

    In the end I was definitely glad he chose both Suzzane and Mike, as you said between the two of them things would get done.

  3. Haha Poprah was so delusional when Diddy fired her!

  4. Dee

    I don’t particularly like Diddy. That’s an understatement – I don’t like him.
    I find his arrogance to be a big turnoff.

    But at least he ended the show in fine style!

    When that door opened and he told Mike to join him, he really made me smile!

    I suppose Suzanne had the best qualifications and experience, but I believe Mike worked the hardest to get things done throughout the show. And I think this talk of his ambition getting the better of him, is rubbish!

    It was the cutest thing to see him, choking with disappointment and unable to answer when Diddy called him… then running up the steps of the aircraft!

    At least its comforting to know that Diddy truly rewards hard work.

    I really enjoyed the final episode.

  5. jamez

    something is TRUELY wrong with KIM…plz note what Stephanie said…she just kept doing work like nothing happened…that is proof positive that she is in her own world. She has been so hard to deal with this whole season and she got what she deserved. But its soo funny that she was the 1 for him and now all of a sudden, shes has too many credentials to work for Diddy… Its sad really, she does seem like she has a lot to offer – and claims to be sooo real! – but she never can show her true emotions. Its ok not to be cool under pressure sometimes but she trys to seem like she has everything under control and such is not the case.

    Everyone kept telling her about her mouth.Instead of her listening to what people were saying about her mouth, she talked her ass right out of a job. Funny thing is she cant see that her problem is she doesnt listen and she think she has all the answers. As my Grandma would say…”everybody in your world cant be crazy…if everybody is tellin you YOUR crazy, it might be you”

  6. whitraye

    Poprah= FAIL.. surprise n*gga! you are NOT ready to work 4 diddy!! LOL. the ending made me smile too. as for what show you should recap for us next? im thinking a little Real Housewives of ATL perhaps..

  7. Merri Lee

    As far as Diddy working for Kim one day – does it not escape her that she’s older than him, been in the industry longer and he’s faaaaaaaaar more successful?

    And co-sign on Real Housewives of ATL

  8. omg those “real” housewives are a mess! maybe.

  9. Justin


  10. Justin. You DO realize that the show has been over for WEEKS.
    A spoiler alert?
    Um, what else would a post about the finale be about?

  11. A spoiler alert? LOL!!! Maybe Justin is overseas?! LOL

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